OSI Industries: Processing Food As A Good Business

Although the processed food market is more than competitive, OSI Industries has been at the forefront of this field for years. There are certainly numerous and valid reasons for that. This company is a well-known processed food producer, but since 2016 it has been engaged in the purchasing of other related businesses as well as the expansion of food processing plants that have their distribution centers in different parts of the world. Their business whether it’s local and international is of equal importance for the company. This company began with the expansion of its activities first in Chicago, when they bought the former Tyson Foods factory. Today, this processing plant is one of the largest ones in the business world.

Growing The Food Production Business

Following this business venture, OSI Industries focused its interest on the international market. Their first business step towards an international trading was the acquisition of Baho Food from the Netherlands. This company mainly worked on the production of convenience foods, meat, and snacks. The whole business deal has been done so that OSI Industries can shift to the increase of its trade on the international market. Europe is also a fertile ground for this kind of business, which coincides with the ambitions of OSI to create a dominant position in this industry.

Expanding To European Market

Just by acquiring Baho Foods, OSI is stepping toward its goal and seeking the opportunity to expand its sales on the European market. To support this there’s a standing fact that Baho Foods has a large number of branches in both, the Netherlands and Germany, from where it can be easily reachable and more possible to conquer other European markets. On the other hand, OSI Industries did not take over the management of the Baho Foods company, but Baho’s management has remained, and it is treated as a part of its autonomy.

This primarily refers to management, but also to the joint strategy of a successful company that will ensure better positioning for both parties. The management of OSI quite certainly understands better the market demands, so for that purpose, they have the possibility to make certain decisions according to their consumer’s needs. For this particular reason, OSI Industries did not bring foreign managers but has retained its own. They did it so because their managers can recognize and satisfy the needs of their clientele and make a profit for the company – which is the final goal.