Interesting take on Wikipedia

One of the most visited sites on the World Wide Web is Wikipedia. Unlike other sites that hire content writers to create posts, Wikipedia is an open source site that allows businesses and individuals to use it as a tool for branding as well as disseminating information when they make a Wiki page for themselves. The fact that the site is available to the public who can make changes to the information has seen some of the pages being defaced.

An example is the wiki page of NTV presenter Larry Madowo whose page declared him to be a politician born in 1889. The page went on to state some of his achievements that included him being the chancellor of Kenya from 1933-1945 and he was the initiator of the Polish invasion in 1939. While some of the Wikipedia edits are done in a bid to improve the available content, some are done with malicious intents that can harm the individual or company in question. The changes done to Larry Madowo’s page were aimed at poking fun at him and his fans.

Wikipedia has been used by businesses to create awareness for the products and services they offer. It is possible to create and edit a Wikipedia page to keep the public abreast with what is going on. Having a well researched and well written Wikipedia page can significantly improve an individual’s and a businesses’ reputation. That’s why many people decide to hire a Wikipedia editor to create or make edits to their page for their business, to avoid mistakes and chances of deletion.

It will go a long way in creating an additional web presence and much-needed visibility for the products and services being showcased. When seeking to create or update a Wikipedia page, it is vital to have the reliable sources that follow the guidelines provided by Wikipedia manual of style.

Securus Technologies and Family Communications

Securus Technologies has long been the major player in offering communication systems to serve the inmate population. Securus recently released a Vimeo video showcasing a father in prison orange offering advice and encouragement to his daughter about mathematics and more importantly about life. This short video tears at the heartstrings of those of us who witness a lovely little girl and her articulate and caring father in the prison jumpsuit.
Securus has made a great case for the use of their audio and video communication system as a better form of communication between those inside institutions and what is left of their family life on the other side of the prison bars. The previous need for face to face visitations has been radically changed and improved for both sides of this necessary communication and thanks to Securus without the expense of traveling great distances and being subjected to harsh conditions inside the prison facilities. Just imagine a middle-aged mother being subjected to a full body search in order to speak to her wayward child.
Securus has been committed to helping to improve lives spent inside the walls of state and federal prisons. Their audio video system has revolutionized communication and has made it much easier for families and friends who once had to travel great distances to visit those held in prison facilities. Watching these heart-wrenching video audio interchanges between sons and daughters and their imprisoned fathers reminds us of the benefits of living a straight and narrow life and staying far away from any activities which could put our freedom at risk.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.