Dr. Johanan Rand Thinks Men Deserve More Attention in the Medical Field

Guys, it’s perfectly fine to have some issues in the bedroom as you get older. That being said, it does affect our confidence. It just does. Not being the young buck that you used to be can start to get to your head, after all, when you were younger you just performed better, in every way. There are treatment options out there, as we all know. I’m sure that your email account has spammed you with the first option, Viagra. Beyond that, there is hormone therapy, which is a better long-term solution. The problem with hormone therapy is that most of the clinics use synthetic hormones that have side-effects that can leave you worse off than you were before.


Dr. Johanan Rand over at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers is using new technology that is looking to change the use of synthetic hormones. Dr. Rand and his colleagues use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for patients experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. What’s different about this, is that the hormones that Dr. Johnathan Rand is using are identical to the hormones naturally produced in the body.


So far, the results have been dramatic. The clinic which primarily operates to serve those who are willing to fight back against the symptoms of aging has been using this bioidentical hormone therapy in diets serving women. Recently, they have started treating men with low testosterone with bioidentical testosterone treatments and have made significant progress during this time.


Men are reporting less anxiety, lower rates of depression, and, well, better performance than ever. Hopefully, Dr. Johanan Rand and his colleagues continue to develop this new method of reversing natural testosterone deterioration. Women seem to get all of the attention in the medical field, but men have issues with aging as well.


No-one wants to underperform and low testosterone can seriously affect how we view ourselves. Hopefully, the Health Aging Medical Centers continue to focus on men in the health field. The results so far have been incredible, and with the continued progress, they should get even better. Good luck Dr. Rand, we are rooting for you.

Stansberry Research Digs in on the Chinese Crunch

Stansberry Research is a premium research-based financial advisory service that strives to offer its subscribers cutting edge information regarding the financial and commodity markets. According to Stansberry Research, they have a bias for the assets that people ignore, hate or are simply don’t know about. The organization has a long history of market-based research that it keeps reviewing to make sure that its customer base is satisfied at all times. The premium subscription publisher now has over 50 000 subscribers, 70 000 of them are lifetime clients who depend on the company for the daily, monthly and annual decisions regarding the direction of the markets. Stansberry examines the recent behavior of Chinese Stocks.


Eisman Says


Stansberry Research keeps collecting important market news for subscribers across the globe. It has examined the Chinese market and gives its considered opinion regarding what has come to be widely known as the China Crash. The news indicates that Eisman has turned extremely bullish on the banks. Markets are volatile but Stansberry calls the bluff and says that its the way it has always been. Markets being volatile is something that turns around soon or later. In the 2008 financial crunch, Eisman made lots of money from betting against banks. He was even made the subject of The Big Short novel and film. He is a well-known hedge fund manager with a knack for taking risks. He burst onto the scene following Donald Trump’s election. In an interview with Bloomberg, Eisman pointed out that it is the first time he had become so patronizing in his analysis of the banks. He says that the markets are going to experience a surge in banking services owing to the impending likelihood of deregulation in the sector. Eisman says that in his considered opinion, deregulation is a good thing for the business.


Note the Market Forces


While China and the US aren’t the best of friends, they are the best market partners the world has seen in the recent past. So, they are friends by default anyway; so much so that when one sneezes and coughs the other one catches a cold. Recent events in America had an immediate effect on the Chinese Markets. US stocks fell and triggered a fall in nearly all Chinese-linked stocks too. Stansberry Research attributes the fall of China-related stocks to normal market trends. He advises those with huge holdings in the Chinese stocks to cut them down. They should do the same for any other markets because the rule applies across the board


Wes Edens is an American based entrepreneur, equity private investor and an owner of a sports team. He co-initiated fortress investment group alongside Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, Robert Kauffman and Michael Edward in 1998. Wes Edens also co-owns the National Basket Ball (NBA) franchise team known as Milwaukee Bucks. He also owns the FlyQuest team. Wes Edens was born in New York on 30th October 1961. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance from the University of Oregon.

Wes Edens started his career at Lehman in 1987. Here, he was both the managing director and a partner up to 1993. He then became a managing director and partner until 1997 at BlackRock private equity division. In 2007, the fortress became the first openly traded buyout company under the leadership of Wes together with his partners. By 2009, this company has already sold a stock equivalent to six hundred million US dollars which is approximately eight %of the total shares. The fortress company owned fourteen private equity funds, two real estate vehicles and four hedge funds and this made the company go public. Edens and his team became billionaires after 15% of the company was acquired by Nomura Holdings in December 2006 for around eight hundred and eighty-eight million US dollars. From 2015 to 2016, Wes was the infrastructure and transportation chairman at Fortress Investment Group. Wes also chairs NationStar Mortgage which was acquired in 2006 by Fortress Group.

Wes was the mind behind the acquisition of AIG’s American Finance company currently known as Subprime Lender Springleaf financial services by fortress. After the purchase, this company made over three million US dollars which is three times the 2010’s investment by Fortress of one hundred and twenty-four million US dollars. This saw Wes Edens branded by Wall Street Journal as the “new king of a subprime lender.” The purchase of the Bucks was made in 2014 by Wes together with Marc Lasry for five hundred and fifty dollars from Herb Kohl. Four years after the purchase, the team value shot up by more than one million US dollars according to forbs which was a good start.

Wes has four children with his wife, Lynn. His hobbies are mountain climbing and horse jumping. He is ranked #962 on the Forbes list with a “take-home-pay” of fifty-four million and four hundred thousand US dollars annually. This figure is inclusive of dividends of close to forty-one million shillings from several investments and a thirteen million US dollars pay from Fortress Investment group annually.