Tips For Wrapping Gifts In A Fun Way

When you’re wrapping a rectangular gift, fold the edges of the paper down around the item so that it looks like an envelope. Tape the edges so that they stay in place. Make your ordinary wrapping paper stand out by gluing small pom-poms to the outside. You can make a pattern with them, or you can just glue them along the edges for a bit of decoration if you want to keep the gift simple. This creates a soft outside to the gift.


According to Wengie, If you’re giving candy or trinkets, get a piece of wrapping paper and make a cone shape. Tape the edges together. Hole punch the opening of the cone to add ribbon to keep it together. Add your gift and a name tag to complete your present. Buttons are beautiful finishing touches for gifts. You can glue them on the outside of the wrapping paper or add them to string that is glued onto the outside of the paper. One button can be placed in the center of the gift, or you can use several buttons in a pattern. Start by wrapping your gift in paper of one color. Then, pick another color of paper to use. Mark where the top of the gift will sit on the new color. Draw a shape on the area where the gift will sit. Cut out the shape, and glue it to the top of the gift.


Bob Reina: Using His Life For Something Greater Than Him

Bob Reina is a big believer that there is more out there than people might be aware of in the first place. It is up to them to use it, embrace it, and make the most out of it. If they do that, he believes great things are around the corner for them. It is up to them to pay attention for all of the signs that the universe is giving them. Bob Reina paid attention to the signs and he is grateful that he did. He could not picture his life had he not paid attention to the signs. The signs were telling him all about Talk Fusion and why he needed to do it.


The reason was simple: it could change lives. Whenever someone has the power to change lives and to do something like that, it would be a sin not to take advantage of it. After all, everyone could use a little help in life and there is nothing wrong with admitting that. In fact, it makes someone human. They are a strong person for standing up and admitting that they need help in a particular situation. People respect that.


That light at the end of the tunnel is Talk Fusion, which works as a video chat, video conference, video email, and video newsletter product. It does all of that for people that wish to spend more time at home with those that they love and care about. They are tired of their jobs and they are tired of the same old, same old. They want more and there is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life. In fact, that is perfectly normal.


Bob Reina has also encouraged his employees to give Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. This is just another in a long line of great acts by Bob Reina.



Lime Crime Is Rising To The Top

Doe Deere is one of the most prolific female entrepreneurs today. She went from being an immigrant from Russia to a trendy and determined New Yorker. She loved to design clothing that was bright and bold. In order to complete the look, she required bright and bold makeup to match. She was having a hard time finding makeup that would do the job. She realized that there was a need for quality makeup products so she began making her own cosmetics. She needed a name for her Ebay account where she was selling her own handmade products. She used her favorite color as a springboard for the Lime Crime name. In 2008 her company was officially launched as an e-commerce site.


She was determined to expand her brand and her customers responded in a big way. People everywhere began to buy the Lime Crime cosmetics and suddenly she had a successful business on hand. To this day she is still completely hands-on with every aspect of the business from concept to creation. She is even very involved with all of the executives and scientists. In fact, she insists on being the first person to test the products before they are released. Lime Crime is cruelty-free and is dermatologist tested. They are committed to creating animal-friendly products that are also safe for the customers.

She also believes in taking a fresh approach to marketing online. For instance, they use swatches that are actual lips that are covered with the lip color that the customer is looking for information about.



She always tells people to follow their dreams and continue to work hard and incredible things can happen. She is a firm believer in dreams coming true and encourages others to keep trying to make things happen for themselves. Doe Deere is proud of her company’s success and is always looking to mentor future female entrepreneurs.

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The Kabbalah Centre Accepts Students from All Faiths and Backgrounds

In the Middle Ages the ancient teachings of the Kabbalah were finally transcribed into the text now known as the Zohar that is used by most students of this faith based teaching to learn the secrets of the universe. Ancient teachers were often keen to keep the texts hidden and used an oral tradition to pass the work on to those deemed worthy enough to learn about the mystical works included; Kabbalah is not simply a faith designed to provide information based on the beliefs of a single God or Savior, but instead asks followers to seek understanding of the world around us all.

The Kabbalah Centre has been bringing these hidden teachings to the people of the world since the 1960s after the texts of the Zohar were interpreted by a series of Jewish teachers for use in the modern world we live in. Over recent decades the work of The Kabbalah Centre has seen many celebrities and famous people explore this traditional form of Judaism in relation to their own religion or system of beliefs.

Like many teachers of the Kabbalah the traditional elements of Judaism play an important role in the work of The Kabbalah Centre, including a reliance on the practice of astrology and charms designed to protect the wearer. One of the major aspects of the religion is the wearing of a thin red thread on the left wrist that is often seen as a sign of a student of the Kabbalah; this piece of string actually plays an important role in the life of the individual as it is described by The Kabbalah Centre as a charm designed to protect the individual from harm caused by the evil eye.

The pace of modern life is often seen as one reason why increasing numbers of people are looking to explore the Kabbalah, which is based on the oldest religious teaching in the world.

Dick DeVos Supports Global Charitable Organizations through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation

As a Grand Rapids, MI native, Dick DeVos actively support his business ventures and charitable organizations. He began working for his dad’s company, Amway, at an early age. DeVos said that the firm operated from their home’s basement. He also mentioned that together with his brother (Doug), they took care of guests who attended Amway’s yearly conventions. DeVos earned public speaking skills by speaking to guests at his father’s company. He made product demonstrations and was proud to work with Amway.

Academic Background

DeVos attended the Northwood University for an undergraduate degree in business administration program. The university acknowledged him as a distinguished alumnus. He also attended the Wharton School and Harvard Business School for executive learning programs. The Central Michigan University, Northwood University, and Groove City College issued honorary doctorates to DeVos for his influence in the Michigan business sector.

Personal Life

Dick DeVos married Betsy DeVos who previously served as chair of the Michigan Republican Party. The couple owns residential properties in Windsor, FL, Ada, MI and Grand Rapids, MI. He has four kids, Rick, Elissa, Ryan, and Andrea. They spend most of their vacations in the Windsor-based property. Rick followed his dad’s footsteps by studying business administration at Pepperdine University. He later decided to study mass communication from Calvin College and serves as an urban development consultant for the Windquest group.


Dick and Betsy DeVos both founded a charitable organization based in Grand Rapids. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donates cash to academic, spiritual, artistic, and community-based organizations. Its beneficiaries include the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the Grand Rapids Christian Schools, and Willow Creek Association.

The school operates on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. DeVos said that several aviators expressed their interest in supporting the school by offering practical lessons to the students. He also said that the school operates as a charter school for students to acquire quality education irrespective of their financial background.

Dick DeVos also supported the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management and Art Prize financially through his charity organization. Arts managers benefit from the art institution by acquiring practical art skills. The organization also offers programs based on capacity building through web chats, workshops, and seminars.

Chris Burch: The Fusion between Fashion and Technology

Chris Burch is the founder and President of Burch Creative Capital. With almost forty years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur, Burch has spearheaded the growth of various luxury and technology brands including Poppin, Jawbone, Voss Water and Faena Hotel +Universe. He formerly served as a board member of the Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.

Burch’s entrepreneurial success can be dated back to 1975 when he was still undertaking his undergraduate degree at Ithaca College. Together with his brother Bob, Burch invested $2000 in their Eagle’s Eye apparel business which grew to $165 million. The business was later sold to Swire Group.

After the sale, Chris Burch became one of the earliest entrepreneurs who invested in Internet Capital Group. Burch relied heavily on his ability to figure out the link between innovation and implementation. He continued to receive significant success, partly because of his instinctive understanding of the consumer behavior as well as his experience using direct-to-consumer channels and superior sourcing infrastructure.

In his recent article posted on, Chris Burch ( outlines the changes that the technological and fashion industries have seen through the years.

A comparison of the past and the present

Back in the 70s, people were excited with the boom box because it allowed one to carry around his/her stations and tunes. It also had two cassette decks that allowed you to play music on one side and do your recording from the other cassette. Coming into the 80s, the use of the boom box was included in movie story lines, and this added to its popularity. Going into the 90s, you could get a more personalized music experience with the coming of the Walkman. A decade later, this personalized experience got even smaller with the invention of the iPod. It is clear that technology grows with the prominence of what is considered fashionable.

The Fusion between technology and fashion

The union between technology and fashion is currently happening. Fashion designers concentrate on creating what sells, and they use technology to see this possibility.

However, there is only one constant fact, that the two industries complement each other. Over time, technology becomes fashionable while fashion becomes technologically fashionable.

Securus Technologies Certificates Create A Buzz

There are great things that happen in the business world, and Securus Technologies just had one happen in recent months. They received the coveted BICSI Installer 1 Certification for 11 of their best workers. Securus Technologies is immensely pleased with the specialists from their firm. With respect and admiration, Securus Technologies thanks the company BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International for their dedication and leadership in training.



Securus Technologies


Taking on huge responsibilities is Securus Technologies that is the leader of the public safety field. The justice field, both criminal and civil, depend on Securus Technologies for the latest innovations in monitoring and corrections. With Securus Technologies’ team of employees, they create and implement the desired needs of the field. Securus Technologies is heading into the future with quite a positive outlook.


The company, BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is a leader in their industry. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International assists the information and communication technology businesses with unique training and certification programs. Since BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is well respected in the field, they are always in demand. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is a professional entity that operates in 100 countries to service the businesses with their needs.


Securus Technologies instills the faith of many people in what they can do with public safety. When Securus Technologies makes an impact, and is known all over the world for what it can do. Seeing as the future is always important to Securus Technologies, they are looking to create more innovative ways to monitor and other corrective measures.


Interesting take on Wikipedia

One of the most visited sites on the World Wide Web is Wikipedia. Unlike other sites that hire content writers to create posts, Wikipedia is an open source site that allows businesses and individuals to use it as a tool for branding as well as disseminating information when they make a Wiki page for themselves. The fact that the site is available to the public who can make changes to the information has seen some of the pages being defaced.

An example is the wiki page of NTV presenter Larry Madowo whose page declared him to be a politician born in 1889. The page went on to state some of his achievements that included him being the chancellor of Kenya from 1933-1945 and he was the initiator of the Polish invasion in 1939. While some of the Wikipedia edits are done in a bid to improve the available content, some are done with malicious intents that can harm the individual or company in question. The changes done to Larry Madowo’s page were aimed at poking fun at him and his fans.

Wikipedia has been used by businesses to create awareness for the products and services they offer. It is possible to create and edit a Wikipedia page to keep the public abreast with what is going on. Having a well researched and well written Wikipedia page can significantly improve an individual’s and a businesses’ reputation. That’s why many people decide to hire a Wikipedia editor to create or make edits to their page for their business, to avoid mistakes and chances of deletion.

It will go a long way in creating an additional web presence and much-needed visibility for the products and services being showcased. When seeking to create or update a Wikipedia page, it is vital to have the reliable sources that follow the guidelines provided by Wikipedia manual of style.

Securus Technologies and Family Communications

Securus Technologies has long been the major player in offering communication systems to serve the inmate population. Securus recently released a Vimeo video showcasing a father in prison orange offering advice and encouragement to his daughter about mathematics and more importantly about life. This short video tears at the heartstrings of those of us who witness a lovely little girl and her articulate and caring father in the prison jumpsuit.
Securus has made a great case for the use of their audio and video communication system as a better form of communication between those inside institutions and what is left of their family life on the other side of the prison bars. The previous need for face to face visitations has been radically changed and improved for both sides of this necessary communication and thanks to Securus without the expense of traveling great distances and being subjected to harsh conditions inside the prison facilities. Just imagine a middle-aged mother being subjected to a full body search in order to speak to her wayward child.
Securus has been committed to helping to improve lives spent inside the walls of state and federal prisons. Their audio video system has revolutionized communication and has made it much easier for families and friends who once had to travel great distances to visit those held in prison facilities. Watching these heart-wrenching video audio interchanges between sons and daughters and their imprisoned fathers reminds us of the benefits of living a straight and narrow life and staying far away from any activities which could put our freedom at risk.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.