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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Interview

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the chairman for Orthopaedics surgery in the Bronxcare health system. His focuses are on medical work for joints and bones. His work is mainly for hip, knee, and shoulder replacements. He has been a member of the Orthopaedic board of surgeons since 1995. During his career, he has come up with many different systems for hip, knee, and shoulder replacements that are used by other surgeons today. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has lectured future surgeons at universities about his systems for replacements when it comes to working with joints and bones.


In addition to his work as the chairman for orthopaedics surgery in the Bronx, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the chief medical officer at DTC Healthcom. He’s also the advisory chief program officer at Swiftpath. He also created a website called BoneHone health.


A typical work day for the multi-tasking doctor starts off basically with him reading his emails and social media updates. He uses LinkedIn the most out of any other social media sites to help him achieve what he needs to do. Then he goes to the office to hold meetings with the administration members and then with his patients in his office. On some days he focuses mainly on patient value projects. He goes about doing this by coming up with various ideas for projects, investigates ways to execute the projects, then he goes about executing the project, and finally, he realizes a plan on how to distribute the project plan.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum says that the ways he helps improve are to learn from others who are better at what he does. He also constantly reads non-fiction books related to his field to help him improve.

Aloha Construction Setting High Standards in the Construction Industry

Aloha Construction is general local construction contracting firm that is family owned and operates in Illinois including Southern Wisconsin. The company which started from small beginnings has grown over the years under the guidance of the founder and CEO Mr. Dave Farbaky to be a leading award winning construction firm in the US. Aloha construction is widely renowned for its excellence, integrity and safety practices in the construction industry.

Dave Farbaky founded Aloha Construction over a decade ago and has been pivotal in the company success story. The forty six years old is a family man who resides in Lake Zurich, Illinois. At Aloha Dave focuses on providing good quality services at competitive market prices to the firm’s clients who are spread all over Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Farbaky’s success story is a source of inspiration and motivation to all young and upcoming entrepreneurs. Aside from being actively involved in running of Aloha construction day to day affairs Dave Farbaky is a cheerful giver who loves giving back to the society. Farbaky founded his foundation that is in the forefront in supporting the community through sports sponsorship and giving hope to children who have cancer.

Some of the services provided at Aloha construction include Free Property Inspections. Your commercial or residential building as part of safety measures needs to undergo regular inspections. Aloha Construction has provided this type of service to home owners living in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin free of charge. All you need to do is call the company and within few minutes a team of expert will come and inspect your property and make necessary recommendations.

Roof repair and replacement services are the other type of service you can find at Aloha Construction Company. There are numerous factors that may warrant the repair or replacement of your roof. These factors include things like ware and tare due to aging and wind friction that may result to things like leakages. Aloha Construction experts will examine your roof through a series of nine inspection processes and advise you accordingly.

Avaaz Looks To Assist Those In Need Without Playing Politics

Avaaz has spent its life as a not for profit group looking for the best possible ways of ensuring the future of the planet is as successful as possible for people from all corners of the world. In a bid to make sure the lives of people from all over the world are protected and secured in comfort for years to come the group has been seeking to work free of political ideologies and influence to follow ideals and policies that are popular for all. The Avaaz group has shown its independence by making difficult choices, such as supporting the no fly zone over Libya in 2011, a choice that was taken purely on the basis of what was best for the citizens of the nation at the time.

Unafraid of entering controversial events as they occur, Avaaz was one of the first not for profit groups to react when the ongoing refugee crisis that has struck the European Union began in 2015. As its mission is to protect human rights and fight against corruption in all its forms, Avaaz has taken the step to provide high levels of support for the refugees who have been placed in life threatening situations as they flee the Syrian Civil War and look to build a new life in Europe.

The work of Avaaz has taken in the needs of those who are fleeing the conflict by taking a life threatening journey by either land or sea, leading to Avaaz becoming one of the important groups conducting rescue missions for those using dangerous routes to enter Europe. Avaaz does not feel its work has been completed for refugees when they are processed by European officials and placed in various camps throughout the continent; instead, Avaaz provides aid for those in camps who face freezing winter conditions alongside its important work putting pressure on government agencies to provide a humane response to an issue that will remain important for many years to come.