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CTRMA mobility solutions

Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority, CTRMA, is a private, government regulated organization that works to alleviate the traffic issues in the Central Texas region. They look to help Travis and Williamson counties. The American Statesman argues in a recent editorial that traffic congestion will become a major issue in Austin. CTRMA has the goal of building mobility solutions. Sometimes the solution may be a road or a toll road. The CTRMA built the US 290 toll road between Austin and Manor to help the congestion.


The goal is to create innovative mobility solutions, like the new MoPac express lanes. These new lanes will institute variable tolling. The rates will change based on vehicle and traffic flow. Other solutions include the smart roads where the vehicles will be able to talk to the road infastructure. A road will be able to relay when it needs maintenance or detect something wrong with a vehicle.


The CTRMA has developed two new apps. In partnership with Metropia, they have created an app that gives real time solutions to traffic issues. The other app was developed with Carma, and it is an app designed to help encourage carpooling. Statistically speaking, 900,000 seats remain empty on the drive to Austin everyday, and filling some of those seats can help to alleviate the issue.


Another solution to congestion has nothing to do with vehicles. Commuters can be encouraged to walk and pedal, amd this method will eliminate the amount of vehicles on the road. Pedestrians and bicyclists need to be made to feel safe. Dedicated bicycle and pedestrian paths and a bridge over the MoPac lanes will help to improve safety.


The other issue with regards to safety is broken down vehicles. The HERO program provides free roadside assistance to help get the vehicles moving again and the lanes open again.