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Rocketship Education Learns Lessons About Personalized Learning

Personalized learning starts at home. That’s just the first lesson Rocketship Education learned throughout their first ten years teaching young minds. All students should have access to technology so they can keep up with their peers and the times we live in today. It is imperative that parents work with their children on school projects and homework. The more involved parents become, the better students learn and more they want to learn at school.

Goal Setting and Feedback are Requirements of Continued Learning

Students need a lot of goal setting and feedback to keep learning well. Parents should help their kids set weekly goals of what they want to accomplish, and offer them positive feedback on the work they’re putting into their projects. This helps them stay on track and stay motivated to keep learning.

Public School Has its Advantages

Private school is often thought of as the better option. Children get a better education thanks to the tuition money their parents spend. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Rockersthip has changed its name to Rocketship Public Schools in hopes of spreading the message that public education is just as good. It’s simply a matter of putting forth the effort to make it so.

It’s a Collective Success

The parents, teachers, and students are not the only ones who make education successful by working together. The collective success of all parties is what makes Rocketship Education work so well. These parties include the zoning commissions who set school zones, school boards, and more.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education has a mission to unleash the potential of all students from different economic backgrounds. By getting all students, teachers, and parents to work together, this goal can be accomplished. Everyone can thrive if people just work together to make it happen.

The program got its start in 2006. It is comprised of a network of public charter schools that serve disadvantaged communities. This non-profit network started in California, but is now making waves nationwide as the way of teaching spreads to other states and cities.

Rocketship Education Is Revamping Education in America

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school company that provides elementary education to areas that are in economic distress. In these areas, there is usually little to no tax base that is able to support a modern, quality school system. As a result, the students do without and suffer from a severe educational gap. If not corrected early, this gap can be devastating and a situation from which children will never recover.

Rocketship energizes the system of education by making it fun and exciting for the students, results-oriented for the future, and all-inclusive for the parents who can really get involved in a big way. Parents are encouraged to step up and be as intertwined as they wish in many ways. Just from being encouraging to their children to take on leadership and helper roles helps the cause more than can be imagined.

The students are presented with a culture that is both fun and purposeful. They are instilled with the Rocketship core values of persistence, empathy, respect, and responsibility. These are traits that help to create and maintain good students but they are also traits of good citizens.

Rocketship Education begins at the elementary level because this is where a good educational foundation is started. When the children walk into the school, the excitement is in the air, and it is contagious. Rocketship believes that every child has an explosive potential within and all it takes to make potential into reality is the proper keys to unlocking it.

Rocketship Education teaches children how to learn, and how to make the process enjoyable. A combination of larger general classes for brief information session of a general nature are shorter time wise, but then students break into smaller groups, digital learning areas, and individual tutoring.

Just to look at the ambitious curriculum of math, science, reading, social studies, and other subjects such as art, music, exercise, cooking, gardening and other life courses seems ambitious to an outsider. However, taken with small bites as they go through predetermined steps gets the job done.

The job is done well, as the average Rocketship student is ready to graduate a full year ahead of public school students.