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Jose AuriemoNeto Oversees the Development of Major Real Estate Projects in Brazil under JHSF

When Jose AuriemoNeto was only 27 years old, he took over as the CEO of one of the biggest real estate companies in Brazil, JHSF. He is the first born son of Fabio Auriemo who is the co-founder of this business. As soon as he was out of the university, his father was ready to throw him into the work of managing the real estate company. A lot was expected of him, and surely he proved that he was ready for the task. Jose AuriemoNeto started his working career with the company since he was 17 years and therefore has had the time to learn a lot about the management of the company. Before becoming the CEO and after completing his university education, Jose AuriemoNeto held other positions in the management of the company.

AuriemoNeto came up with the idea of parking lot division of the JHSF when he was only 17 years. This accomplishment solidified his interests in the growth and management of JHSF, and by the age of 22 years, he was already director managing key departments in the company. His expertise ability to deliver is one of the reasons why Jose AuriemoNeto is one of the highly successful CEOs in the real estate industry in Brazil. His confidence as a business leader has grown tremendously since he started this business at a very young age. He understands the potential of high-end real estate projects, and that is why he has directed JHSF towards that line of business.

Today, Jose AuriemoNeto is involved in the development of luxury residential and commercial real estate projects. With the Brazilian real estate industry growing tremendously in the past few decades, AuriemoNeto has spotted great opportunities that he can tap into. One of the highlights of his career in the real estate industry is managing to develop some of the largest shopping center projects in Brazil. Some of the biggest shopping malls in the largest cities across Brazil have been developed under his leadership skills. They include CidadeJardim Complex, Shopping MetrôTucuruvi, and Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. The company sold Shopping Metro Santa Cruz to focus its energies on the development of Caterina Fashion Outlet. This is an outlet that sells global luxury brands.


Dr. Mark Mckenna and His Many Passions

Many people try to find a pursuit in life they are passionate about, but often search their entire lives before they learn what drives them. Dr. Mark McKenna is an individual who has excelled as a doctor, business, and housing. He has brought these skills together to form the current enterprise OVME.

Dr. Mark McKenna spent much of his time in the early portion of his career focusing constructing a company he called McKenna Venture Investments. He bought out competitors to his company as his enterprise expanded and he ended up having dozens of employees. Hurricane Katrina put his success on hold after wiping out several of his properties. Dr. McKenna had even more concerns due to an awareness of a mortgage crisis. Dr. McKenna knew this would create uncertainty and its hard to succeed in business with so much uncertainty. The issues of Hurricane Katrina and the mortgage crisis would lead Dr. McKenna back to medicine. Dr. McKenna studied companies that were disruptive to their industry, such as Uber. He used these companies as models he would use for OVME’s growth.

Dr. Mark McKenna wanted OVME to disrupt other related businesses the same way Uber had been able to take a big share of the taxi industry. OVME is a business that brings consumers together with qualified providers in healthcare. Dr. McKenna was successfully able to unite his expertise in medicine and business through OVME.

Dr. Mark McKenna recognized a trend of more Americans embracing plastic surgery. A much larger percentage of woman are getting Botox at even younger ages. These consumers want to be able to have these healthcare services with a reputable healthcare provider whose focus is on the safety of its customers. He also comprehends the hectic lifestyles and numerous responsibilities we have. Dr. McKenna does realize the potential for substantial increases in revenue in finding results. While revenues are important for any business venture, Dr. McKenna’s focus has always been the well-being of his customers at his clinic.

Can Eric Lefkofsky Lead To A Medical Breakthrough?

Nobody can deny that Eric Lefkofsky has made his mark on the world. He’s a billionaire with some of the world’s most successful start ups to his name. With all of that success, it certainly shows that he understands how to make a good business deal and that he’s willing to do everything it takes to succeed. He understands how to create a good startup very well and he wants to take that understanding to the world of medicine with Tempus. Tempus is helping doctors treat cancer in a much more effective way by helping them come up with personalized treatment plans for their patients. If this succeeds we may see an entirely new approach to medicine sprout up.

The most important part of treating cancer is understanding the individual patient. Cancer is a disease determined by a wide variety of factors and it’s absolutely important that the doctor have a great understanding of that person and how the disease is going to progress. This gives them the ability to fight it before it becomes something much more serious. The effectiveness of the approach is easy to see. Tempus is actually helping patients live longer lives and survive this disease at rates the otherwise would never have seen.

Eric Lefkofsky certainly has an ambitious goal. He wants to spearhead a movement in medicine and change the way we think about it. The current ideas about how to fight cancer seem antiquated to him. Instead of trying to find a way to solve every person’s cancer through one size fits all we need to start looking for solutions meant for each individual. If this proves successful, we’ll certainly see others try to follow his success and create similar personalized medicine approaches. This isn’t going to happen overnight but it’s goal to lead to an entirely new way of thinking about disease. People want to see a solution to their ills and he is offering one of the most efficient ways to combat the problem. Now, we only have to look at it over time to realize the potential there is for this method.