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Highland Capital mark Okada’s bio

Highland Capital management, Mark Okada is the chief investment officer and the co-founder of this company. The company is located in Dallas and offers alternative investment plans. Since its establishment, Highland Capital has immersed over $15 billion assets under its professional management.

As part of the management team, Mark Okada is in charge of all the investment activities of Highland Capital. The events are unique situation private equity, CLOs, mutual funds, ETFs and hedge funds. Besides all these responsibilities, he is the current portfolio manager of the company’s FROF. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Mark Okada is other activities

The graduate from the University of California based in Los Angeles with two degrees in psychology and economics was allowed to use the most admired chartered financial Analyst. Is very successful in his exploits. He has more than 30 years experience in the field of credit markets.

He is the founder of the development of loan market offered in the banks. He also sits in the board of directors in the NexBank Capital based in Dallas. Highland Capital mark Okada is featured in the CNBC television, a frequent guest at the Bloomberg Media house and highly quoted in the business and financial press. Read more about James Dondero at

Highland Capital mark Okada’s humanitarian aid

Mark Okada as many other successful people in the region, contributes to the charitable organizations to cater for the needy in the community. He is concerned with the education, Japanese American sociology, and faith organizations.

He currently chairs the Dallas based organization; Education is freedom. This organization offers services to college preparatory for the needy students. He also chairs the board of directors at the common Grace Ministries.

He plays vital roles in the Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society. On the college Humanities and science’s committee, he as an active member and contributor. He culminates all the philanthropic activities as the leader of the US-Japan Council.