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Bills Paid on Time

Securus Technologies is the leading producer of Information Technology for the United States prison system. They offer amazing technology opportunities of communication solutions for both prisoners and security personnel. Technology that can be found through Securus Technologies includes video chat, security system such as cameras, as well as other forms of communication. The most interesting aspect of this particular company is their ability to support a customer base that few companies have decided to follow. Securus clients are loyal to the company and in turn, the company is loyal to its customers. Even though most clients are prisoners currently serving time within the prison system Securus still values them as customers and wishes to support them the best that they can. In order to offer higher levels of support and customer service for the future, Securus Technologies has decided recently to purchase a finance company Known as GovPayNet.


GovPayNet is well-known on the internet For offering multiple payment solutions for different online storefronts. In the past the company has supported Amazon, Rakuten and eBay. Payment methods that GovPayNet supports are multiple credit card formats, check by phone and PayPal. With this new merger, Securus technologies will be able to offer its clients more secure and reliable payment methods, allowing them to make their bill payments on time.


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BBB Accredited Company of Securus Technologies Is One That Delivers Its Services As It Promises

Everyone should be aware of what the benefits are of utilizing a technological system along the likes of Securus Technologies. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of there being an existence of a communicative platform in which people can utilize to connect with inmates who are incarcerated.


Traditional methods of communicating with those who have been incarcerated has consisted of visiting them in jail by booking an appointment within a time frame of appointment slot availability. However, as many visitors have come to realize, the availability of open time slots for visitation are often limited as jails are often quite busy. As a result, the appointments end up interfering with one’s schedule. If you are wanting to set an appointment in which you would like to visit someone who has been incarcerated, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the technicians who are available to assist at Securus Technologies. The will gladly guide you through the process of having your account set up so that you may chat with whoever it is that you have been wanting to contact. It is a BBB accredited company that anyone can depend on to deliver as they say.


This can be made evident if the inmate speaks about particular incidents that have occurred or are currently occurring in or around their cell. They may even speak about incidents that have been occurring or are currently occurring within any of the premises of the correctional facility in which they are able to get such information from other inmates who are also incarcerated. By chatting with others about such forms of crime through the Securus Technologies platform, law enforcement agencies are able to utilize such data to begin investigations on what could potentially end up solving a crime or many.


Securus Technologies Certificates Create A Buzz

There are great things that happen in the business world, and Securus Technologies just had one happen in recent months. They received the coveted BICSI Installer 1 Certification for 11 of their best workers. Securus Technologies is immensely pleased with the specialists from their firm. With respect and admiration, Securus Technologies thanks the company BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International for their dedication and leadership in training.



Securus Technologies


Taking on huge responsibilities is Securus Technologies that is the leader of the public safety field. The justice field, both criminal and civil, depend on Securus Technologies for the latest innovations in monitoring and corrections. With Securus Technologies’ team of employees, they create and implement the desired needs of the field. Securus Technologies is heading into the future with quite a positive outlook.


The company, BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is a leader in their industry. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International assists the information and communication technology businesses with unique training and certification programs. Since BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is well respected in the field, they are always in demand. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is a professional entity that operates in 100 countries to service the businesses with their needs.


Securus Technologies instills the faith of many people in what they can do with public safety. When Securus Technologies makes an impact, and is known all over the world for what it can do. Seeing as the future is always important to Securus Technologies, they are looking to create more innovative ways to monitor and other corrective measures.