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OSI Group and McDonalds: A Story of Success in Symbiosis

OSI Group has had a long relationship with McDonalds fast foods that spans more than 5 decades. OSI Group was established in 1909 as a butcher shop run by Otto Kowachisky and his family. The company sold meat to businesses and residents in Chicago and was successful. Otto & Sons was still a small business and had its first big break when McDonalds selected it to supply its restaurants with ground beef for their hamburgers. McDonalds which was established by Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald in 1940 as a hamburger shack.

The business had been successful and was expanding by selling franchises in various parts of the country. Their success meant that they needed a reliable and consistent supplier for their restaurants and OSI Group was the perfect choice for the job. They began supplying MCDonalds but it soon became clear that the demand was beyond they could supply without disappointing their other customers. In 1973 they invested in a brand new facility that only supplied McDonalds. The company had also decided to use the then new flash-freezing technology.

Flash freezing refers to the process of freezing food quickly by exposing it to cryogenic temperatures by exposing it to liquid nitrogen. This ensures that ice crystals do not form in the food and that maintains its taste and texture. The discovery of this technology was good for OSI Group McDonalds and eased supply issues but due to OSI Group McDonalds rapid expansion, the company had to build a new facility.

With McDonalds fast growth they needed a company that would grow with them and OSI group has been able to do that fit into different markets. Franchises like OSI Group McDonalds are always moving into new markets and are readily accepted but setting up a meat processing company is a lot more difficult. OSI Group has a knack for it and has set up facilities in Asia and another part of the world that supply McDonalds globally.

About OSI Group

OSI Group McDonalds is a food processing company that supplies meat, vegetables, and baked goods to customers all over the world.

About OSI Group McDonalds:

The relationship between McDonald and OSI Group

The relationship between McDonald and OSI Group

OSI Group is currently the largest supplier of custom value-added food in the world. The company started in a humble way from a corner shop butchery to a big corporation it is right now. The company started by taking over the American food market and it quickly expanded to the global market. OSI currently has over twenty thousand employees who are well paid and constantly motivated in order to go on delivering quality services to the company. The company also has more than 65 five facilities that are operating in more than seventeen countries. OSI is best known for processing and distributing quality food to their loyal customers in various parts of the world. See this article at

The relationship between McDonald and OSI Group

OSI Group started as a corner butcher shop that was owned by a German immigrant who had moved with his family to the United States in the year 1902. Otto Kolschowsky opened the butchery in the year 1908 in one of the suburbs in Chicago. Within a short time, the family butchery had attracted many loyal customers which triggered them to expand the butchery into retail butchery in some other part of Chicago which had mire population.

Otto & Son’s butchery started growing when Ray Kroc opened McDonald’s restaurant in the year 1955 in Des Plaines which operated as a franchise agent of the couple from California, Richard and Maurice McDonald. Since this was the first McDonald’s restaurant to be opened in Illinois, Ray Kroc approached the Otto & Sons to be among his suppliers of pure quality beef. In the year 1955, Otto & Sons’ butchery agreed to be among the four suppliers of pure and quality meat for the McDonald’s Restaurant. This deal gave Otto & Sons a chance to expand their market since the restaurant is among the most famous food Brands in America. Within a few years, Ray Kroc bought the McDonald restaurant he became the new chief executive officer of the restaurants. Immediately Ray took over the ownership of the restaurant from the couple, he made the OSI Group as their major supplier of beef products.

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David McDonald Planning To Make OSI Group The Largest Poultry Producer In China

David McDonald is an individual who has emerged from a humble background to the point of growth to being one of the most respected leaders in the food industry. Growing in Iowa, McDonald was passionate about agriculture and anything else related to food production and processes. However, his dream was one filled with difficulties in implementation because his parents could not be considered as wealthy or people with the financial capacity to help him accomplish his goals and objectives. Working on the farm helped him to continue gaining much knowledge and desire to work in agriculture and food related industry.

His parents worked hard to ensure that he got both primary and University education, which further made it possible and easy to accomplish his dream of working in biology and agriculture-related industry. McDonald later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science which gave him an insight in dealing with animals and animal products. It is after graduating from Iowa State University that David McDonald was able to secure employment opportunity at OSI Industries where he has been working for more than thirty years in the company. He has demonstrated talent, skills, and competence by moving from lower ranks in the company hierarchy to the point of becoming the organizational president.


Raising from the rank of a project manager to the point of becoming the OSI Industries’ president is a clear illustration as to why he was selected as the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. His leadership skills and experience continue to be illuminated through his accomplishments and strategic plans that he has implemented to help the organization grow and achieve its vision. David McDonald is a respected individual in the food processing industry that other leaders in the industry cannot ignore.

OSI Industries is currently dominating the food industry in the world by ensuring that it supplies value-added proteins such as pizza, sandwiches, beef patties, and sausage links among others. It is through David McDonald that the organization has been able to expand throughout the world. Currently, OSI Industries owns facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company has eight operational factories in China, which shows how the company is committed and dedicated to controlling the food market in the Asian country that is currently emerging as an industrial hub in the world. David McDonald is formulating and implementing strategies that will help OSI Industries to be the largest poultry producer in China.

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