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Celebrity: Lawrence Bender

Born on October 17, 1957, Lawrence Bender is an American producer. He is from a Jewish family with his father a history professor and his mother a kindergarten teacher. He grew up in New Jersey. Lawrence Bender graduated from the University of Maine –class of 1979 – with a degree in Civil Engineering. He had chosen to follow this path after his grandfather. He acquired a passion for dancing while on campus Bender became a dancer, after his graduation. This path was, however, cut short by a suspended injury. In 1980’s, he worked as a grip on the collective anthropology series Tales from the Dark side. He made his first production in 1989 with the movie Intruder.

Lawrence, however, rose to fame in 1992 after he produced Reservoir Dogs. Directed and written by Quentin Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs is an American heist thriller. The movie integrates Tarantino’s hallmarks with themes such as vehement crime, vulgarity, and nonlinear storytelling. Since May of 2005, Lawrence has been an underwriting blog writer at the Huff Post – a free American news and opinions website with both local and global editions. Presently, he works at Hollywood where he runs the daily tasks of his production firm which is known as Lawrence Bender Productions. He also is working with Trent Razor – founder of the Nine Inch Nails (NIN) an American industrial band founded in 1988. They are creating a TV series centered on their 2007 album known as Year Zero.

Apart from movies production, Lawrence Bender is also a documentary fabricator. Among many, the most notably is An Inconvenient Truth. Directed by David Guggenheim, the inconvenient truth is an American documentary film which was meant to teach people about global warming. It is based on the 45th American’s president, Albert Arnold Gore Jr. campaign on global warming. Laurie David, Lawrence’s partner, came with this after she saw Al Gore’s presentation at a town-hall summit. He is a social and political activist. He is a member of the Advisory Board and the Creative Coalition to the Dean of Harvard’s J. F Kennedy School of Government. He also serves as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations Pacific Council.