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Fabletics-Taking Steps to Celebrate the Modern Woman with Activewear

Nobody knows how to work activewear quite like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Even when Amazon controls a large chunk (20%) of the fashion e-commerce market, Fabletics continues to grow exponentially. In just three years, the business was able to accumulate up to $250 million in sales. The brand utilizes the notion that people like a brand that is inspirational and that speaks to them. Fabletics takes the inspiration, puts it together with membership and convenience and uses it as a powerful tool to reach their customers.


Besides quality and price which have historically defined the success of a brand, today, a brand must bring more to the table to ensure success. To ensure high value, Fabletics has been able to position and strategize themselves for the success they continue to encounter. The brand has allowed its client base to access a unique membership model in which it offers trendy fashion and personalized service at lower prices than their competitors.


How Fabletics have strategized their physical stores



Fabletics know their clients on and offline. The physical stores are thus stocked according to the customer data that they gather online. Fabletics has studied the sales trends in specific regions and use this knowledge when stocking stores. A product that performs well in a certain area is thus stocked in a related store. They have been able to build strong client relationships because of their local market knowledge. This can be proved by the statistics; approximately 30-50% of those walking into the Fabletics store already have a membership with the brand and an extra 25% become members while there. Retail is, therefore, an element of service for Fabletics.


  • Online data strategy


Fabletics understands the importance of having the right content both in the digital and physical realm. They use the data they have collected online to understand customer preferences when stocking physical stores. As clients’ tastes and trends change, the brand adjusts as well.


  • Focus on people, culture, and accessibility leading to growth


The company has been able to balance lifestyle, customer experience, and consumer education to get the best out of their clients despite increased competition and venturing into new territories. The brand understands the contemporary consumer and is risk positive and data aware. With a combination of innovative membership, smart distribution, and a variety of purchase options, Fabletics has created an arsenal that centers itself on the consumer and is able to give the consumer the best brand experience online and offline.


In 2017, things have only gotten better for Fabletics as it launched its first collaboration with yet another powerful celebrity, Demi Lovato. Demi reported that she loved what the brand stood for. What was founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in collaboration with Kate Hudson has seen tremendous growth in an industry that was once littered by generic products. Kate believes in her brand and is dedicated to it, which her co-founders believe has greatly propelled the brand to its tremendous growth.


Are you wondering which Fabletics gear would suit you best? Well, feel free to take the Lifestyle Quiz to help you determine what is best for you.

Fabletics Taking on the Competition Thanks to Kate Hudson

It can be hard to purchase clothing online. That’s because you’re unsure of how things fit since sizes are never universal when it comes to clothing companies. A size extra-small in one company can be a medium in another. That’s why buying clothes online worries a lot of people. They also are unsure of the quality, how much stretch something has, and more. Athletic-wear company Fabletics is trying to make it easier on everyone when it comes to trying out and purchasing their products.


Fabletics is a company that for the longest time was based entirely online. People would browse the website and decide what clothes they wanted to purchase. Fabletics had quite the selection too! They carry shirts, yoga pants, sports bras, and more. They have clothes to hit the gym in, run errands in, or take a class such as yoga in. There’s a style for everyone and for every different athletic activity. Fabletics is also very accommodating when it comes to sizes. They sell XXS all the way up to 3X. Their brand is very body-positive.


Fabletics also encourages consumers to take a Lifestyle Quiz so that they can be paired with clothes that best suits their body type and their needs! Someone who is running marathons will need more coverage than someone heading to yoga. Therefore the quiz determines what outfits are the best suited for someone. Fabletics is helping out, even more, to make sure people get the right size. They now have physical locations where people can essentially “try before they buy.” Consumers can stop in the shop, see how things fit, and then sign up for Fabletics subscription-based model which ensures they get the latest styles at discounted prices!


According to Forbes, Fabletics is taking on other retail giants who have been known for their workout clothes. That’s because Fabletics has new and trendy styles, deep discounts, and a positive social media presence.


The addition of brick and mortar stores is truly helping Fabletics to grow their brand. Kate Hudson is the other driving force behind that. She’s been an integral part of the company ever since she was brought aboard. Kate Hudson has a very positive social media presence and is always touting the brand! She can be seen wearing the latest Fabletics styles and they always look good on her. Hudson had quite the following from when she was an actress starring in films such as Almost Famous. Her bubbly personality made it easy for fans to latch onto her. According to Forbes, Kate and her team have grown their startup into a $250 million company.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Fabletics, Clothes You Can Workout In Or Wear On The Street

In 2013, JustFab Inc. Co-CEO Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg teamed up with Kate Hudson to create a stylish and high-quality gear at price people could afford, something that was missing in the activewear marketplace. And thus, Fabletics was born. Fabletics is part of e-commerce powerhouse TechStyle Fashion Group, which revenues $250 million dollars, with a 43% sales increase in 2016. It’s not just another activewear company, Fabletics combines the athlete and leisure wear into one, now coined athleisure. By 2015, Fabletics shipped over one million orders worldwide. It was no mistake that success was in Kate Hudson’s mind. There were key strategies that reveal show she did it.

Kate saw that there was a growing trend particularly in Athleisure apparel, with over $44 billion being spent on activewear in 2016 according to research firm NDP Group. Many millennials were driving these numbers up because they preferred a healthier lifestyle with comfortable clothing even in the workplace. So all of Fabletics wear are made to be worn in the gym or out and about. Besides making activewear wearable even outside the gym, on CNBC, Kate shared her rules for success.

She first looked at the marketing opportunities in the fitness world and realised that most people try to live healthy lives and other struggle to do this. This led her to create items that inspired patterns and designs that were fun as well as fashionable so people would be excited to get out of the house. Kate is hands on when it comes to her business. She looks at the numbers every week and if certain products are not selling, she takes them off immediately. Hudson also gets active with her marketing, creating videos to share with her customers in order to drive sales. Her ability to make decisions is driven by data given via customers on her website. A technique that has shown results in the millions for Fabletics has been the reverse showroom technique, which is where you find the outfits you like, and find a cheaper price at a retail store nearby. With most companies, it’s the opposite, but Kate’s made this very profitable and users absolutely love it as well.

When first signing up, users take a short quiz, called the Lifestyle Quiz, to identify what is needed, and Fabletics team provides products tailored to that individual. If you have not taken the Quiz, I highly recommend it. You can find outfits that fit your active, or nonactive, lifestyle, and the website allows you to find outlets that are nearby that has the outfits you would most likely wear!

Kate’s ability to find inspiration and taking risks is a testament to the words that she lives by: “Live your passion. Life on Earth is very short, so focus on what matters most.” She states that if you “keep that perspective, you become fearless.”