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Glen Wakeman: Storybook Success

Glen Wakeman is a true success story of how hard work and perseverance can change your life dramatically. Glen is a business mentor, innovator, and writer that aims to provide selfless help to those individuals looking to start a business. He is the owner and founder of LaunchPad Holdings, which is a company that takes entrepreneurs through a series of questions to help them create a business model that will help them achieve their goals, and make money. The cost of services is $100. With at least 30 minutes, one can have a business plan to execute for success. Glen created the business after realizing the help that he could give future business owners on their startups. What is the most commendable about LaunchPad’s startup is that Glen appreciated the ability to help these individuals. Not to mention, he believed in their vision. Using the business acumen that he acquired through years of traveling abroad, he is able to show individuals how to succeed in every type of market. One crucial piece of advice from Glen Wakeman is to understand that some businesses may not earn money immediately. The primary focus of the owners is to reach their objective goals, and the money will come. Gradually the income will increase, double, and triple in time. Glen also reassures business owners that it is ok to feel like something may not work. If one uses those thoughts to create a better service or product, they will succeed. There is no such thing as failure when one continues to improve their understanding and services that they offer. One of the ways he gets customers is through his writing. Customers like posts and then contact Wakeman for more information. Readers turn into followers. Followers turn into customers. Other things that are highly important to the success of any business are discipline, preparation, and teamwork. Excellence will only come to those who demand it and seek it aggressively. It is important not to put off tasks for tomorrow that can be done today. Never settle for less than the goals you seek, and you will hit your mark every time.