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Jason Hope Embraces Anti-Aging Research

In a world of constant technological innovation, there is an extreme focus being put on the work being done in the medical field. We are seeing unrivaled leaps in the field of biotechnology research and people like Dr. Aubrey De Grey and Mike Kope are working to push the field ever forward. Kope and Dr. De Grey are the two founding members of the non-profit research facility known as the SENS Research Foundation. The SENS Research Foundation was established in 2009 in order to research into solutions to age-related illness. Now, the non-profit is booming thanks to a donation from futurist Jason Hope to the tune of $500,000. Read more on

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur and one of the more decorated futurists currently working within the tech industry today. As a futurist, Hope is charged with looking beyond the bend in order to find trends that showcase wild future potential. Hope first established himself in the industry when he put his time and money into the field of mobile communications with his startup company, Jawa. The success of Jawa helped Hope to push forward and into other fields, namely that of biotechnology.

Jason Hope has always been of the belief that the way we age is not cemented forever. Hope believes, like many other futurists, that advances in medical research will lead to a reduction in the degenerative process associated with aging. For that reason, Hope was a natural supporter of the SENS Research Foundation. Jason Hope connected with Dr. Aubrey De Grey after doing immense research into the industry and it took only a conversation for the two to realize that they’d be natural supporters of one another’s work. Hope would end up signing a $500,000 donation to the facility in order to give their research the boost that it needs.

JasonHope’s donation would go toward kickstarting the research that the SENS Foundation is doing on the subject of arteriosclerosis which runs rampant in our elderly population. Hope’s donation was announced at a philanthropic event hosted by Peter Thiel and Hope himself was in attendance to be recognized and honored for his support.




Robert Ivy Is The Current Head At The American Institute Of Architects

The American Insitute of Architects is one of the leading organizations in the country where architects and designers gather to show off their skills and knowledge as well as improve on them. Robert Ivy is the current President for the American Insitute of Architects, a position he has held since 2011. WIth a degree from Sewanee University and Tulane University, Robert had a strong educational foundation to get him started in the architecture field. Robert was also a contributor to the architecture record, which is now one of the leading architecture journals in the entire world thanks to his efforts. Over the years, Robert Ivy has spent a lot of time writing for magazines and various publishers, mostly relating to the architecture field.

Robert Ivy is a strong advocate for the rest of the architecture community, helping new and aspiring architects find their place in the industry. Often times, architects are staying focused on the most saturated part of the industry, which comes down to construction and building designs. Robert is instead helping other architects discover the many different applications architecture can have in society and the benefits that can be had for everyone in the country. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

When it comes to building a reputation and making a name these days, networking is crucial. Robert Ivy regularly shares his advice to help others build proper professional relationships and network in the corporate world. Social media is one of the fastest ways for individuals to put themselves out there through sites such as LinkedIn. Virtually all prominent individuals from any field have themselves in LinkedIn as a personal resume. When an individual networks themselves properly and takes advantages of the many opportunities out there, they open themselves up to a whole new level of success.

Robert Ivy has not only earned a valuable reputation for his efforts in architecture, but he has won a variety of different awards. The biggest reason for this is because Robert has been dedicated to improving the industry and informing others how to improve the industry as well.

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The Tremendous Performance of GreenSky Credit in the Lending Sector

GreenSky Credit is a lending firm that has been in the financial lending industry for over a decade. The main focus of its operations is to assist other lending organizations, whether small or big firms, to provide credit to their customers with much ease. GreenSky provides financial support to the creditors and other lending firms so that they can avail their customers with the right loan services that they deserve. On the other hand, the organization also offers an online platform whereby the customers to the financial lenders that are in partnership with GreenSky can access the credit smoothly and without much hassles.

The online platform provided by GreenSky has proved to be one of the most efficient applications in the finance industry. This is because no paperwork is needed for the loan applicant to access the credit facility. All that is required is the applicant to log into the GreenSky Credit website portal and fill in the loan details. Then the details are submitted to the financial institution that is in partnership with GreenSky Credit for review, a process that takes only a few seconds. After the approval by the lending company, then the loan is ready for processing, and the customer can access the fund within the next two days. This has moved a long way in ensuring that the application process is as efficient for the customers as possible.

Since the formation of GreenSky Credit, the organization has continued to show rapid growth; both in the valuation figure and the customer base. This has been greatly attributed to the strong leadership of the company’s CEO, David Zalik, who has been quite focused on the adherence to the firm’s objectives and goals. Unlike other lending firms that have the misconception about the power of any company’s growth, David Zalik is very particular and precise about what his firm requires to reach the great height that he intends to take it. He has led the personnel and management of GreenSky Credit to invest in strong business relationships with the financial lenders, an aspect that has seen the company’s customer base skyrocket over the recent few years.