New Philanthropy Foundation Stream Cares

Hurricane Harvey dropped across Houston neighborhoods living havoc with the 56 inches rain that poured for the entire time. People watched helplessly as the floods swept homes, destroyed properties and took Americans lives. Stream Energy, a Dallas, based company, couldn’t just wait as thousands of stranded Americans went through the ordeal and lost in its aftermath. It gathered enough resources and without hesitation became one of the first company to help in the recovery in whatever way necessary selflessly. They, for instance, spend thousands of dollars easing the financial burdens of the affected Americans.

Stream Energy envisions a society that is prosperous and with a population of people with better livelihood, education, and environment. For this reason, corporate philanthropy is part and parcel of the company’s existence. It is an ingrained element in Stream’s DNA as seen by its recent launch of one of a kind charity foundation named “Stream Cares” that aims to coordinate, formalize, and extend the ongoing philanthropy work that it has tirelessly carried out for almost a decade and a half. Stream cares foundation has proved that Stream Energy genuinely cares for its clients, and it has shown an exemplary example with Hurricane Harvey where it demonstrated that charity and philanthropy is a critical part of its brand and mission. The corporate lead as a textbook example in using more than money to ensuring that it properly gave back to the society through not only assisting in the rebuilding of destroyed properties but by also taking a mile further and help in restoring human dignity.

Stream Cares and Stream Cares Foundation was launched as different philanthropy arm to function separately from the energy sales business purposely to support communities in need and fund local charities throughout Texas, its environs, and all over the country. This approach has numerous advantages such as the company is enabled keep its commitment of giving back to the community without fail, while simultaneously enhancing its reputation to the public and creating unwavering loyalty of potential clients in the society. In an aim to solidify its dedication to taking care of the society, Stream Energy has established a long-term relationship with humanitarian agencies such as Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to reach all communities from their grassroots.

Ara Chackerian’s Passion for Wilderness Preservation, Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

If Ara Chakerian and other forestry experts are correct, then our society needs to be far more proactive in the preservation of our forests and wilderness areas. These pieces of land are essential to us for several reasons. Not only do we need the natural resources that can be harvested from these areas of land, but we also depend on this land for recreation, sports and inspiration. Through their work with Chackerian, both his clients and his partners gain the skills to preserve wilderness areas in their regions; they also learn how to safely harvest the important natural resources that these wilderness areas have provided to humans for so many years.


In addition to the trees and resources that exist in forested areas, it is also important that we look after the various different populations of wildlife that reside within the wilderness. They can be harmed by many different natural threats, including storms, droughts and fires. Planning for preservation and resource management is no small task. There are so many different factors to consider, since each wilderness area is unique from any others on the planet. This is why experts like Ara advocate precise planning based on the unique conditions of each wilderness area in order to create the most sustainable wilderness and resource management program. For more details you can checkout



When he is not focused on improving the sustainability of our planet’s wilderness areas, Ara Chackerian, who is also an angel investor, is usually pursuing his other passions. These include entrepreneurship and philanthropy. ASC Capital Holdings, LLC is the name of the company which employs Ara Chackerian as the Managing Director. Chackerian has cultivated more than two decades worth of experience in helping young healthcare companies grow. He invests in these healthcare companies in the early phases of their development. A graduate from Florida State University, Ara Chackerian’s story doesn’t stop there. He is also active in charity work, and he has bot founded and supported a number of different non-profits, which have allowed him to give back to communities in the United States, Nicaragua and Armenia. For more details you can visit


Ricardo Tosto Provides EeFfectiveAnd Efficient Legal Services

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a leading litigator and business law expert. Ricardo Tosto has been in practice for many years and has catered to numerous clients in Brazil. If you want to hire one of the top attorneys in Brazil, then check out Ricardo Tosto.For most entrepreneurs and corporate executives, hiring an attorney is crucial. To operate your business successfully, the two professionals you absolutely will need to consult are a business lawyer and an accountant.Business law is comprised of rules and regulations that are crucial for the formation of new enterprises and how current businesses and organizations interact with one another.

Also, certain aspects of business law may involve how businesses may interact with the public. It is imperative to become familiar with the law and avoid complications that can result from the slightest error or mistake. Failure to follow the law can led to serious and davastating consequences. Hiring the right business lawyer for your organization or business is a crucial decision because this professional will help protect your rights, interests and assets. Your lawyer will advise and guide you through every legal step you need to take. Your lawyer will evaluate your business processes and determine what needs to be done to ensure that you comply with all applicable laws.

There are many business and corporate law firms and lawyers out there but you don’t want to hire one without doing your home work. It is important to enlist the services of a lawyer or law firm that is well known for providing reliable services to clients.Ricardo Tosto renders top notch advise and outstanding legal solutions to clients on a vast range of legal issues. Mr Ricardo Tosto is highly experienced in all aspects of business and corporate law and can guide you in making the right decisions regarding legal issues that affect your venture. When it comes to drafting buy-back agreements or buy-sell agreements in closely held corporations, Mr Ricardo Tosto reviews documents and advises his clients on the right path to follow.

Boraie Development And 40 Plus Years Of Building Up New Jersey’s Housing

It’s been many years of investing in the greater Newark, New Brunswick and Atlantic City areas of New Jersey that Boraie Development has seen pay off into a better outlook both economically and for tourist activities in those cities. But the head of the company Omar Boraie sees his work as far from being finished, and his sons Wasseem and Sam have worked alongside him and when he retires, they plan to continue his work for generations to come. The latest project started by this real estate firm is the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City, a new multi-complex apartment building right on the edge of the beach with all kinds of on-site amenities including an outdoor pool and gym, and it’s in a prime location near public transportation and the beach area. Every new project that has come out in residential units is especially tailored to meet the needs of millennials says Wasseem Boraie. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie Developments beginnings came back in the early 1970s during a time that Omar Boraie felt the troubles facing New Jersey’s cities could be remedied by bringing better quality commercial and residential properties. Omar Boraie had gotten his university degrees in Chemistry and was working on his doctorates at the time and had no previous experience in real estate, but he had a sharp acumen that could learn quickly, and he began buying up downtown properties in New Brunswick through private financing. Despite the criticism he received about undertaking this endeavor, he had heard that one of the city’s largest employers Johnson & Johnson had decided to remain there, so he pressed on in his investment. Check out State Theatre New Jersey for more.

Boraie Development’s first renovated lot was a plaza on Albany Street which today has buildings known as tower one and tower two, a parking garage and a shopping center that’s brought in much needed business activity to the city. The company’s housing investments first started taking off when they had a 25-story apartment building built on Spring Street that has housed both city workers and Rutgers students. That one was followed up by several units in a satellite campus project for Rutgers University, and in 2014 Boraie Development also completed construction of The Aspire. This apartment complex not only has the amenities that the current Beach at South Inlet has, but also has easy access to the metro lines heading into the greater New York City areas. Not only has Boraie Development put a lot into real estate, they’ve also given to many local charities and are the key contributors to the Genomic research department at Rutgers.


The Impact by Mrs. Besty Devos on Reformation

Betsy Devos has been leading movements in the reformation of education. She has been actively involved in politics since she was on campus. She studied at Calvin College. She has led various movements, political action committees, and party organizations. Mrs. Betsy has also served for a total of six years as a leader of Michigan Republican Party. The tendency of reforming cuts across her family, her husband Mr. Dick Devos was nominated by Republican to run for Michigan Governorship. Mrs. Devos has always worked hard to search for innovative solutions to problems encountered socially. Betsy holds the position of the Chairperson at Windquest Group. Windquest Group is a privately owned company that specializes in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. This firm was founded in 1989 by Betsy and her husband, Dick.

Betsy is more optimistic on her educational reforms. Currently, there is approximately a student population of 250,000. These students are in 33 programs that are privately chosen and publicly funded. The program is offered across 17 stated including Columbia District. The growth of the movement is at a high rate. This growth is shown by the admission of nearly 40000 students to the educational program.The program has been expanded to other areas including Florida, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana. The latest program that covers a whole state was launched in 2011 in Indiana. The program has so far lasted two years but has already admitted nearly 10000 students. Recently a survey was conducted, its findings were that educational choose program was enjoyed and had gained much more popularity. This was mostly shown by the Latinos.

She started taking part in reformations gradually. Betsy and her husband Mr. Dick used to visit Potter’s House Christian School when they had children who used to go to school. Potter’s House Christian School has served families with low income for more than 30 years. While in the school they met parents who are doing everything possible for their children to access good environment for learning. They saw the struggles the parents underwent to pay for fees, and they started supporting individual students. The commitment grew to the level of them supporting the whole institution.Betsy and Mr. Dick became more committed to helping parents that struggle in payment of fees. Their help was mainly focused on low-income families in particular. Betsy believes that ever a parent had a choice to pick the right school for their children as they did. Her husband had shown his commitment to support the families by contesting for the State Board of Education in Michigan. He was elected in 1990. Mrs. Betsy then further got involved by providing scholarships to the needy children.

George Soros vs. Donald Trump

Most average Americans have only minimal concepts of what it is like to be a billionaire. George Soros has an inside view that expounds on issues individual Americans may miss. It is an interesting learning curve to contrast the life of George Soros with Donald J. Trump.

A Portrait of Billionaire Contrast

George Soros supports Democrats. The reason is obvious, his past life of trying to escape Nazi dictatorship and Russian Communism gives him impetus to challenge those who confuse business with known corporate dictators espousing “business as usual.”

It is difficult to slot Donald J. Trump into any political ideology or partisan persuasion, given his mercurial speech and behavior.

George Soros, over the course of his entire life, maintains strong commitments to liberalism which Donald J. Trump pays little attention to. This is the basis of the contrast between these two men. Where Soros spends his money philanthropically on education and other social issues, The Trump Organization has yet to prove more than minimal interest in philanthropy. Learn more about George at Biography.

Conservatively Liberal

George Soros believes in free thought, even in his position as CEO. He categorically proves he can delegate to others without reservation of potential failure on their part. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has a peculiar “delegate with one hand, take control back with the other hand” strategy.

Ironically, both men have one thing in common. Both, in their individual demeanors, are liberals. George Soros prefers liberal freedom of thought and press. Donald Trump prefers liberal control over the press, as has been frequently seen during his presidential campaign.

Yet, George Soros is conservatively positioned when it comes to taking risks in his business. Donald Trump conservatively positions himself autocratically by being the last word on decisions that tend toward greater potential risk. Soros is the quiet behind the scenes man. Trump is the showman ever in need of a spotlight.

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When Ideology Doesn’t Matter

Depending on which way political winds blow, ideology no longer really matters. Splits among conservative ideologues are as deep and wide as splits between liberals. When it comes down to ideology, it depends entirely on individual mindset.

George Soros on Donald Trump

In an interview with Bloomberg at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland shortly before Donald Trump was sworn into the office of the presidency, George Soros stated:

“I personally am convinced that he is going to fail. Failure will come not because of people like me who would like him to fail, but because his ideas that guide him are inherently self-contradictory and the contradictions are already embodied by his advisors.”


George Soros currently works with Democrats to strengthen their position in government, a mission he diligently exerts for the country he loves and respects.

Learn more on about George Soros.

The Mission Of Bruce Levenson

After Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks in 2014 he went into the non-profit sector. He was responsible for seeding the funding for the Do Good Institute located at the University of Maryland, reports

The institute is trying to expose undergraduate students to non-profit organizations and volunteering. They are hoping to create future leaders in this area by teaching the business skills required for success. The program is seeing an excellent response.

Bruce Levenson along with his wife Karen brought the idea to the University. They seeded the initiative with $75 million and the state of Maryland added another $20 million. The first class was Philanthropy 101 and became an instant success.

The mission of the Do Good Institute is to inform every student so they will give back and in the training of future nonprofit leaders. The program launched in 2010 and is attracting students interested in community service. One of the previous students was Ben Simon who was one of the founders of the Food Recovery Network.

Levenson believes if people use their time and ingenuity they can accomplish incredible things. He feels this will become contagious and help build higher education. He sees numerous alternatives for the future and hopes the other campuses will follow suit.

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur and has built numerous successful businesses. His interests are varied and include cooking, professional sports and business intelligence. He was one of the founders of United Communications Group. They provide energy, healthcare, software, defense, technology and banking solutions

Levenson is also a partner in GasBuddy. This is a mobile application more than 45 million motorists have used to find more affordable gasoline. In addition he founded DOT. This is a new technology that along with many other components can toast bread in three seconds. He has been a philanthropist for more than forty years.