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Rubica, Defense Against Ransomware, Malware and Other Lurking Vulnerabilities

There has been a great deal of news in recent years about computer security. With recent cyber attacks crippling companies, the government and individuals, it’s a great time to pay attention to this matter. Malware and ransomware are recent threats that have gained attention. With even personal medical devices at risk, protecting against these viruses is critical. The recent Wannacry outbreak shows just how crippling ransomware and other attack can be. The cost is in the billions yearly, and is expected to grow to the trillions.


Rubica is a cybersecurity software that helps protect against these costly outbreaks. They are US based and actively monitor personal equipment and the web for attacks. Being proactive is critical as personal and financial information is always at stake with these attacks. Even large corporations have lost significant amounts of money due to these ransomware and other attacks.

Providing the best in cybersecurity, Rubica keeps its customers informed about potential issues with its active analysis model. There’s always service available and dedicated experts to help. Taking a stand against attacks is easy when you have Rubica to protect against malware, ransomware and other possible attacks. More information can be found on their website at