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Dr. Johanan Rand Thinks Men Deserve More Attention in the Medical Field

Guys, it’s perfectly fine to have some issues in the bedroom as you get older. That being said, it does affect our confidence. It just does. Not being the young buck that you used to be can start to get to your head, after all, when you were younger you just performed better, in every way. There are treatment options out there, as we all know. I’m sure that your email account has spammed you with the first option, Viagra. Beyond that, there is hormone therapy, which is a better long-term solution. The problem with hormone therapy is that most of the clinics use synthetic hormones that have side-effects that can leave you worse off than you were before.


Dr. Johanan Rand over at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers is using new technology that is looking to change the use of synthetic hormones. Dr. Rand and his colleagues use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for patients experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. What’s different about this, is that the hormones that Dr. Johnathan Rand is using are identical to the hormones naturally produced in the body.


So far, the results have been dramatic. The clinic which primarily operates to serve those who are willing to fight back against the symptoms of aging has been using this bioidentical hormone therapy in diets serving women. Recently, they have started treating men with low testosterone with bioidentical testosterone treatments and have made significant progress during this time.


Men are reporting less anxiety, lower rates of depression, and, well, better performance than ever. Hopefully, Dr. Johanan Rand and his colleagues continue to develop this new method of reversing natural testosterone deterioration. Women seem to get all of the attention in the medical field, but men have issues with aging as well.


No-one wants to underperform and low testosterone can seriously affect how we view ourselves. Hopefully, the Health Aging Medical Centers continue to focus on men in the health field. The results so far have been incredible, and with the continued progress, they should get even better. Good luck Dr. Rand, we are rooting for you.