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Robert Ivy examines the advantages to being apart of professional organizations

An article by lists that Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy has received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. It is the first time an architect has won the recognition. Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA or the American Institute of Architects and is an author/editor. Robert Ivy is a native of Mississippi and has received awards in the past as an editor in chief. Ivy joins the ranks of other notable Noel Polk award winners including Morgan Freeman, and many others. An article by USNews examines the benefits to being apart of a professional organization. There are many different professional organizations and they give people an edge to getting started on a career. One benefit is the use of educational resources, with many organizations giving members the tools needed and can help people who are starting out in their careers or who need assistance. Another benefit is networking, which can be pretty obvious as organizations can host big events with crowds of people and gives the chance for people to talk to leaders in various fields. By speaking with others, people can get more information on different opportunities and job openings or offers as well. Networking can be a big part in securing a job or finding out about other opportunities. Being a part of an organization can even make a big impact on the world and it gives credibility to an individual. It shows that someone is driven to work and is doing whatever they can to be successful. It can also give a boost to a resume by adding skills and experience to it. It can be difficult to pick which exact organization to be involved in but speaking with others can help in the process. People have to remember that being involved in an organization will cost money as there is a membership fee. Some employers can pay for the fee for the individual. Visit:



A interview with Southridge Capital founder Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital is a company that gives sound financial advice to people based out of Connecticut. They have grown to become a successful brand by helping many people. Many have gone to the company for financial advice and to help them out with their hardships. Financial hardship specifically can take a toll on the mind and body and destroy relationships in the process.


Southridge Capital helps people understand their future and build towards it. The company can help with a variety of issues. For example, if it is to someone’s brand or an individual needing assistance for their accumulated debt. People can learn more about what they do by visiting their website. The assistance obviously will not be free of charge but the team provides a reasonable price for their work. They set out to help individuals as best they can. Southridge Capital along with their website can be reached via their Twitter account.


Inspirery conducted an interview with Southridge Capital founder Stephen Hicks and spoke about the brand and his life as an entrepreneur. Hicks is a graduate of King’s College and Fordham University. The CEO founded Southridge Capital back in 1996, so it is not a relatively new company but Hicks brought his vast experience into the company. Stephen Hicks likes to keep himself busy and productive throughout the day by reviewing portfolios and writing down goals. The traits that he believes that make a successful entrepreneur are the focus and organization. He describes that setting out goals to accomplish will help. The founder has run into hardship in his life though, like putting an abundant amount of money into a company called Petals that failed. He thought of the idea for Southridge Capital out of luck but also with focus and a vision. Stephen Hicks is excited for the future of cryptocurrency and he gives advice for people to invest into it. Hicks sees it as a great investment that is on the rise and even starting a channel or podcast on the topic he believes would be a terrific idea.  You can visit for more information.


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The Tremendous Performance of GreenSky Credit in the Lending Sector

GreenSky Credit is a lending firm that has been in the financial lending industry for over a decade. The main focus of its operations is to assist other lending organizations, whether small or big firms, to provide credit to their customers with much ease. GreenSky provides financial support to the creditors and other lending firms so that they can avail their customers with the right loan services that they deserve. On the other hand, the organization also offers an online platform whereby the customers to the financial lenders that are in partnership with GreenSky can access the credit smoothly and without much hassles.

The online platform provided by GreenSky has proved to be one of the most efficient applications in the finance industry. This is because no paperwork is needed for the loan applicant to access the credit facility. All that is required is the applicant to log into the GreenSky Credit website portal and fill in the loan details. Then the details are submitted to the financial institution that is in partnership with GreenSky Credit for review, a process that takes only a few seconds. After the approval by the lending company, then the loan is ready for processing, and the customer can access the fund within the next two days. This has moved a long way in ensuring that the application process is as efficient for the customers as possible.

Since the formation of GreenSky Credit, the organization has continued to show rapid growth; both in the valuation figure and the customer base. This has been greatly attributed to the strong leadership of the company’s CEO, David Zalik, who has been quite focused on the adherence to the firm’s objectives and goals. Unlike other lending firms that have the misconception about the power of any company’s growth, David Zalik is very particular and precise about what his firm requires to reach the great height that he intends to take it. He has led the personnel and management of GreenSky Credit to invest in strong business relationships with the financial lenders, an aspect that has seen the company’s customer base skyrocket over the recent few years.