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Mike Nierenberg Believes MSRs Are Worth A Deeper Look

As the Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp, Michael Nierenberg has a lot of experience in the residential investment market. This has been especially true since being named CEO and President in 2013, and even more so since being appointed Board Chair in 2016. Through this time, Mr. Nierenberg has been seen as an innovative pioneer in the industry, given a combination of unique moves he’s made with New Residential.

One point that he’s been focusing on in a past couple of years is Mortgage Servicing Rights, additionally called MSRs. Throughout Michael Nierenberg’s time with New Residential Investment Corp, he’s continually chased down a variety of under-appreciated assets, especially within MSRs. Through this time, he’s found two key factors in picking out ones which will be successful. The first of these is that they have acceptable capital levels to continue developing. The second is also focused on expansion, as this is having the ability to develop a growing number of partnerships in the industry.

On the off chance that a business can’t meet these, then they’re more than likely not going to be a beneficial asset, according to Mr. Nierenberg. With this mindset, Michael Nierenberg has helped New Residential Investment Corp with expanding over the past half-decade. For example, he was one of the essential drivers behind the companies growth to handling $118 billion of managed assets in 2018 alone. A considerable amount of this was a consequence of the innovative and unique ways that Mr. Nierenberg looks for new investments.

A lot of it has also been because Mr. Nierenberg has always embraced a keen knowledge of the industry. Over his career, he’s developed an a deep understanding of the overall residential retail market, as well as what needs to be done to build a business. This knowledge helped drive Michael Nierenberg’s success, as when it comes to many situations and investments, he’s intensely aware of the potential ramifications of any investment or change in the industry. Because of that, he’s able to come up with solutions to problems on a quick and regular basis.



Donata Meirelles Has The Fashion Tips Women Need

Donata Meirelles has options for fashion that can turn women into runway models right now. She talks about fahsion often, and she wants all women to empower themselves by making sure that they have the best clothes. There are some tips below that come from her experience in the fashion world. She is having fun with the fashion world, and she wants to teach women how to dress well for all situations. See more of Donata Meirelles at

  1. Who Is Donata?

Donata Meirelles is the editor of Vogue Brazil. She has been making spreads for this magazine for years, and she has learned all about the fashion world throughout this time. Her advice comes from years of travel, and she has built a list of tips that will make every woman look her best.

  1. Try A New Jacket And Shawl

Anew jacket and/or shawl is a good way for a woman to add to an outfit that was otherwise fairly bland. Most women might ignore this part of their outfit because they are trying to get to work, but these women need to try to add something to their outfit that produces a bit of a reveal when they take that jacket or shawl off. Each woman who is trying to get dressed up for the day could throw on a jacket for the bright colors or styling.

  1. Adding Accessories

Women should add more accessories their outfits so that they feel like they are wearing the very best clothing. The women who are adding accessories for their outfits need to be as bold as they can be. Donata wants women to be bold because that can help them show off their personality. These ladies start to feel like they can do anything because people notice them when they walk down the street.

  1. Stay Trendy

Trends change all the time, and ladies should be updated on trends as much as possible. Women who comment to following trends do not need to buy the most expensive clothes. These women can buy clothes that will fit in with their style, change their fashion sense, and start to think about how they could incorporate trends on a budget.

  1. Conclusion

Donata Meirelles has done a good job of building an empire around fashion in her home nation. In doing so, she has helped women look their best through the advice she provides in her monthly magazine.

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The entrepreneurial journey of Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed grew up wanting to become an architect and emulate her father. She spent endless hours sketching ideas and building things. However, things took a different turn when she realized that her drive was in developing business ideas instead of constructing buildings. This triggered her to start exploring new adventures where she would interact with real-life scenarios.

The entrepreneur found her landing in the consulting world and kicked off at Bain before joining Thumbtack product team. She would later join Lightspeed Venture Capital where she has remained a member of consumer investing team.

Ashley Lightspeed’s expertise is in growth strategy. This involves getting companies up the hockey stick in the most cost-effective manner. With the understanding that each company needs independent attention, she prides in being able to iterate ideas and improve products — demographic shift, which more often than not sparks innovation also fascinates her.

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Right from a young age, she adopted work ethics, which have been instrumental both in her career and personal life. With all her innovation, creativity and resilience, the opportunity of working with early-stage startups excites Ashley Lightspeed.

More often than not, she spends her days meeting with startups and entrepreneurs. She feels that they hold the future for innovative businesses. Monday is her favorite day of the week because she gets to pitch her new ideas to the full Lightspeed Partnership. She also gets to reconnect with and learn from her colleagues. Over and above all this, she has to create time for the existing portfolio.

How does she keep up with a generally packed schedule? While every day is different, she ends it with self-reflection ‘me’ time. This is in addition to journaling, which she claims gives her peace of mind and an opportunity to organize her thoughts. Her life is not only intentional but also purposeful.

Her parting shot indicates that as an entrepreneur, it is essential to keep things flexible. She works with the saying, ‘fail fast and iterate faster.’