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Malcolm CasSelle Ventures into Cryptocurrency Markets With WAX Platform

Malcolm CasSelle has just added a new feather to his cap. The current CIO for in-game asset giant OPSkins is now the acting president for Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is a brand-spanking new player to player trading network existing within a decentralized marketplace. It allows gamers within a network of certain games to trade freely with one another. The network provides a legitimate return of investment for gamers, and promises the creation of a new digital currency market. According to CasSelle WAX could very well be the catalyst for cryptocurrency’s mainstream. This statement is mostly based on WAX’s use of blockchain technology to revolutionize the current cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency is still fresh enough that most are unsure of it. Its wide span problems with fraud and fragmentation have created major roadblocks in its quest for the mainstream. The costs of hiring intermediary security drive up market prices. The rampant spread of fraud also makes both centralized and decentralized markets too iffy for many to trust. Blockchain technology aptly fixes these problems with integrated software that safeguards users while cutting out the middleman.

Blockchains create smart lists to profile user data. Such profiles allow fraudulent users to be pinpointed, creating necessary security measures. As the tech uses cryptography in its software the need for outside help is non-existent.

Many praise the blockchain as the future of cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle, who has been dabbling in the virtual world since ’95, is so sure of it that he is jumping right into the deep end of the pool.CasSelle is a graduate of both MIT and Stanford where he graduate with complementary degrees in computer sciences. His first company NetNoir put him on the map, and since its founding he has gone on to do great things.

CasSelle was a top contributor to Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent, he worked in early payroll solutions, and was an early stage investor in Bitcoin. As the CIO of OPSkins he has aided the company in becoming a global power. WAX promises to do much more as blockchains are at the forefront of recent technology. The potential WAX demonstrates may be just what cryptocurrency needs to evolve to the next step.

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Randal Nardone and his billion dollar baby

Forbes’ Billionaire Randal Nardone did not get to #557 for just anything. With a doctorate (J.D.) from Boston University School of Law and a Bachelors in Arts in English and Biology from University of Connecticut, he founded the Fortress Investment Group where he serves as Chief Executive Officer and Wes Edens, both very notable names in the financial field. Starting as a lawyer, he transitioned into finance by working for Thacher Proffit & Wood as a partner, BlackRock Financial as the principal, and even the Union Bank of Switzerland. Even though he did well in these very prolific businesses, he was not satisfied until he established his own great company in 1998. With this, he has earned his spot on the Forbes Billionaire list with a net worth of $1.8 Billion. How? Randal Nardone owns more than 50 million shares worth $1.6 Billion. Since 2005, he has earned a $100 million more in net cash payouts. Fortress Investment Group manages more than $70 billion in alternative assets like private equities, credit funds, and liquid hedge funds. The Group sold the minority interest to a Japanese investment firm, Nomura, for $890 million. In 2014, he was awarded “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” from Institutional Investor and “Management Firm of the Year” from HFMWeek, not to mention the many other awards given in the previous years.

Besides Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone also has worked in different sectors of companies like Fortress Credit Corporation as the co-founder and principal, Fortress Investment Fund, Fortress Investment Trust, Springleaf Financial Holdings, New Castle Investment Holdings, as well as many others. Even more recently, planned out on February 14th, 2017, SoftBank Group bought the company for $3.3 Billion. This acquisition was completed just last December (2017). With this new development, the management of Fortress Investment Group will definitely change, but Randal Nardone will still be a part of the new management. I guess you can say he’s not ready for his baby to grow up just yet. Read full article

New Philanthropy Foundation Stream Cares

Hurricane Harvey dropped across Houston neighborhoods living havoc with the 56 inches rain that poured for the entire time. People watched helplessly as the floods swept homes, destroyed properties and took Americans lives. Stream Energy, a Dallas, based company, couldn’t just wait as thousands of stranded Americans went through the ordeal and lost in its aftermath. It gathered enough resources and without hesitation became one of the first company to help in the recovery in whatever way necessary selflessly. They, for instance, spend thousands of dollars easing the financial burdens of the affected Americans.

Stream Energy envisions a society that is prosperous and with a population of people with better livelihood, education, and environment. For this reason, corporate philanthropy is part and parcel of the company’s existence. It is an ingrained element in Stream’s DNA as seen by its recent launch of one of a kind charity foundation named “Stream Cares” that aims to coordinate, formalize, and extend the ongoing philanthropy work that it has tirelessly carried out for almost a decade and a half. Stream cares foundation has proved that Stream Energy genuinely cares for its clients, and it has shown an exemplary example with Hurricane Harvey where it demonstrated that charity and philanthropy is a critical part of its brand and mission. The corporate lead as a textbook example in using more than money to ensuring that it properly gave back to the society through not only assisting in the rebuilding of destroyed properties but by also taking a mile further and help in restoring human dignity.

Stream Cares and Stream Cares Foundation was launched as different philanthropy arm to function separately from the energy sales business purposely to support communities in need and fund local charities throughout Texas, its environs, and all over the country. This approach has numerous advantages such as the company is enabled keep its commitment of giving back to the community without fail, while simultaneously enhancing its reputation to the public and creating unwavering loyalty of potential clients in the society. In an aim to solidify its dedication to taking care of the society, Stream Energy has established a long-term relationship with humanitarian agencies such as Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to reach all communities from their grassroots.