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Graham Edwards, shaping the world of business through brilliant leadership skills

Ever since Telereal Trillium was established back in 2001, Graham Edwards has been an integral part of the company and has been serving as the Chief executive officer. He has helped Telereal achieve significant milestones. Thanks to this loyalty and exceptional leadership qualities, his time as the CEO is now up and it is now time for him to take on an even greater role as the chairman of the company.


To provide a smooth transition the company already has planned a new management board with Russel Gurnhill who was previously the joint managing director taking on Graham’s CEO seat. Another person who will rise above the ranks is Adam Dakin who will now take on the place of managing director and will soon be responsible for new businesses and services by Telereal Trillium. However, there will be no changes to Graeme Hunter’s and Michael Hackenbroch’s positions as they will continue to focus on their current responsibilities. Telereal has an office in Nottingham but has its headquarters in London and partnerships with various renowned businesses such as Aviva and Royal Mail.


Commenting on the matter, Graham Edwards said that the plans for the restructuring did not begin recently. Instead, they’ve been underway for quite some time now and are essential to the company’s ability to deliver an appropriate response to the ever-changing demands of Telereal. He further added that thanks to the restricting, Telereal now boasts a team of highly proficient staff who will help propel it to success through groundbreaking services to its partners, stakeholders and all the other parties involved.


Who is Graham Edwards?


Graham Edward is a man with many titles tied to his name. He is the 21st century’s all around man. He is known as an investor, philanthropist, business expert, excellent leader among many others. For instance, he is the CEO and also the owner of Castle water and as mentioned earlier, has been the CEO of Telereal Trillium ever since its establishment in 2001. Under his belt, the company has grown significantly and is now a leader in property investments and outsourcing. For instance, Graham prides himself on kick-starting the 2.4 outsourcing deal between Telereal and BT which resulted to over 6700 being transferred to Telereal. Graham also played a pivotal role in the negotiations between Telereal and Land Securities Group Plc which saw Telereal acquire Trillium.


Thanks to the merger the company reports yearly revenues more than 1 billion today and continues to conquer great heights. However, Graham Edwards has also worked with various other prominent companies such as Talisman global asset management where he was the chief investment officer. Even though he is among the high profile members of the society, Graham Edwardnthropic ns is known for his philaature and is an active member of various boards and committees such as one voice Europe, British friends of the Hebrew University among many others.


Under his leadership, he has helped Telereal Trillium give back to the society by making donations to charity. Graham Edwards attended Cambridge University where he received an M.A in economics. He also holds an M.A in international relations and national security studies from King’s College London. Graham also worked with Merrill Lynch investment management as the fund manager before moving on to various prominent companies. It is with the experience earned at these institutions that Graham Edwards continues to wow the world with his impressive business and economic management skills. During his free time, you can find him playing tennis or skiing.


Jorge Moll Shares His Findings on Human Morality Study

In 2006, the National Institute of Health under the leadership of its neuroscientist, Jorge Moll conducted a study on brain physiology and its relation to morality. Recently, Jorge revealed the findings of this study during an interview, and they are breathtaking. He says that according to the study, acts of kindness were handled by primitive brain parts. The part of the brain that sex and food are stimulated is the same that giving a donation or offering a helping hand.


Human morality

From this study which was conducted through scanning the volunteers’ brains activity as they participated in acts of kindness, it was clear that human morality was primitive. This means that one does not need to be intellectually elite to recognize an act of kindness or partake in it.


Jorge Moll believes that ethics and morality are hardwired into our brains. This is the reason even a child can recognize or partake in the act of kindness. The findings also shade light to some bizarre occurrences of an animal to animal kindness. Jorge Moll argues that more research into the working of the human brain will help humanity understand better issues revolving around morality and ethics.


About Jorge Moll the neurologist

Mr. Moll has dedicated his life and career to neuroscience. He is committed to understanding and shading light on how the physical nature of the brain influences human decision making. Thanks to his efforts in this field, Jorge is a well-recognized cognitive neuroscience specialist. Moll is also a trendsetter neuroscience researcher. The research methodologies he employed in his 2006 study including the distinctive functional magnetic resonance imaging have now widely been adopted by other researchers in neuroscience.


Currently, Jorge Moll is the Director and President of the famous D’Or Institute of Research and Education. This institute is based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He has previously worked at Stanford university’s neurological department and later National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke before joining D’Or. He studied B.S in Neurology at the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. He then pursued a PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University’s Medical School and attained it in 2004.


The Career of Lee May

The Cincinnati Reds have a very well known history. They have had a number of great players over the years including guys like Frank Robinson, Johnny Bench and Dave Concepcion. One great player that played for the organization that you may not know is Lee May. Lee May had a tremendous career with the Reds that even earned him Hall of Fame Honors. However he is often only remembered as being part of a historic trade. His legacy however far beyond a surprise trade in the early 1970’s.


May’s career in baseball took off in 1961 when he became part of the Red’s farm system. It took him several years to prove his worth but he was finally called up to the major ins 1967. He had an immediate impact hitting twelve homeruns and nearly sixty runs batted in all with less that five hundred at bats. The Sporting News recognized him as the rookie of the year. May’s career would grow over the next few years as he would be voted to an all star game, be named team MVP and even lead the Reds to the playoffs.


Lee May’s success did not keep ownership from looking to improve. In 1971, in a desire to improve team speed and move the team closer to a championship, the Reds traded May. The traded shocked most sports experts and May himself. He would go own to continue a productive career playing for multiple teams before retirement. After years of coaching May was eventually brought back to Cincinnati where he was made part of the teams Hall of Fame. May was honored but surprised by the honor, as he thought he would never make it back to Cincinnati. May would pass away in 2017, however his legacy with the Cincinnati Reds will live on for many years to come.