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Betsy DeVos Has Tall Task Ahead of Her With Education Plans

Betsy DeVos’ rapid ascent to the Department of Education currently has the political world talking. DeVos has spent most of her adult life working with various charitable organizations and foundations in order to promote school choice. School choice, often known as educational choice, represents the conservative stance toward education reform. Boiled down to its simplest form, school choice is essentially an argument for more freedom within the school system. Betsy DeVos has helped to bring the fringe concept to the political mainstream. In doing so, DeVos gained the attention of President Trump and the GOP.


Handpicked to operate as the Secretary of Education within President Trump’s cabinet, Betsy DeVos has plenty of work ahead of her. Working in the Trump Administration hasn’t been easy for anyone. The Trump Administration has been under fire since Trump first announced his campaign and the constant attention is sure to weigh down people within the White House. With that being said, Betsy DeVos has never shied away from a challenge. In fact, DeVos revels in taking the fight to her opponents. Betsy DeVos gained a steely reputation back in her home state of Michigan. DeVos has earned the reputation for being fierce, intelligent, and absolutely devoted to her cause. Of course, being raised in a family of reformers probably had something to do with Betsy’s success.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos has had to showcase the benefits of school choice to members of her political party as well as those of the opposition party. DeVos has scheduled several meetings with prominent union leaders in order to discuss her goals directly with the working class. Unfortunately, DeVos has not had near the same amount of luck with people reaching back toward her. The political divide is so wide that Betsy DeVos might have to endeavor to accomplish her reformation goals without the assistance of the progressive party.


Betsy DeVos has been working diligently in order to promote school choice since the early ’90s. DeVos has always believed in a grassroots effort in order to promote the value and benefit of educational choice. She has personally spent countless hours speaking directly with families in order to showcase the benefits of her new system. Educational choice will lean heavily on various types of legislative changes at the state and federal level. Among the many legislative changes sure to come to include a voucher system, various tax credits, and even tax savings accounts. DeVos wants to put the freedom to choose back into the hands of parents throughout the country, not just in her home state of Michigan. When parents can choose the right education facility for their children, the entire country ends up winning as a result.


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Article Title: Steve Ritchie introduces diversity training at Papa John’s

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Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, one of the leading pizza suppliers in the world. He has worked with this company for over two decades but only recently did he take up the leading role He has grown with this company over the years trying to make it better every time. His efforts were finally recognized when he was appointed CEO. Since taking up the new position, one of the main concerns that he has is to ensure that the company records better growth. It is the role of the CEO to come up and implement measures that will steer the company in the right direction.


One of the first steps that Steve Ritchie took is to address the shareholders, franchisees and customers of the company. He reassured them that he would strive to provide the best environment for the business to thrive. He also stressed on his commitment to take steps that would make Papa John’s the best pizza supplier in the world. He appreciated the support that the company has been receiving from the stakeholders since it was started. His wish is to see anyone involved in the operations of the company live up to the expectations of the customers. Papa John’s employs over 120,000 employees and serves millions of customers from around the world.


Steve Ritchie is interested in the success of Papa John’s, and that’s why he has introduced diversity classes for all employees and executives of the company. He wants them to understand the importance of treating everyone equal. It is such factors that influence the performance of a business in modern times. The perception of the customers is not something anyone would like to play around with. Steve Ritchie believes that diversity will expand the customer base of the company as everyone will feel comfortable buying pizza or working for the company.

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Donata Meirelles offers tips on how to use the trendy transparent pouch

They say that everything transparent in color smoothly goes unnoticed. However, the Louis Vuitton transparent plastic bags are rapidly going against this norm by proving that it is possible for one to stand out in a big crowd while carrying one. These plastic bags stole the limelight during the recently concluded Louis Vuitton male fashion show as the audience sitting in the first row as well as those behind tried to take a photo of the transparent bags that the models showcased.

Rihanna stole the show by opening it in an all-white look which she accessorized with a transparent case straight out of Louis Vuitton’s masculine collection of Abloh. Even though it is yet to hit the shelves, top designers and stylists like Donata Meirelles are already betting on the trend.

To further show his faith in the clear bag trend, Donata who has had these bags for over a decade now went ahead to give tips on how to use these bags. He loves these bags and has had them for that long because he likes wallets which have enough space for him to put all the necessary things from money, checkbooks to business cards. He also carries around accessories such as sunglasses which he places inside the hood. The interesting bit about these bags according to Donata is that you can use them to show off items that are packaged beautifully. For instance, during the Luis Vuitton show, he was showing off his Chanel’s hydra nutrition lip balm.

When it comes to the smartphone, Donata advises bag carries to position it facing inwards so that one’s messages do not end up being showcased to the world. Nevertheless, if you feel like showing off a beautiful picture of yourself, then you can put your smartphone inside with its screen facing outwards. See more of Donata Meirelles at

What not to carry

Due to its transparent color, Donata Meirelles advises against carrying items that most of us dump in our regular bags such as bullet wraps and old air or bus ticket. In other words, organization is the key to successfully carrying a transparent pouch.

Why consider it

The transparent pouch is a must-have in your closet for quite many reasons. First, it is a perfect fit for any outfit due to its color, and second, it makes traveling easier when you want to carry a small bag.

Donata Meirelles serves as the director of style at Vogue.

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