Isabel dos Santos Reelected in Unitel Board of Directors

In the traditional African setting, the place of women remains to be home. Western nations started to educate the girl child and empower her for big opportunities in the market. In Africa, however, this was not the case. Most of the families were focusing on making the boys better and also more educated because they would become the head of the family at the end of the day. With the rising cost of living, the woman in the African home has been forced to go out and look for a way of livelihood. Women who have formal and informal knowledge are helping their families by working hard and earning wealth. There is a role model for the women in Africa. Her name is Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the former president of Angola. Today, Isabel dos Santos is loved by many because of the impact she is making in the global market. Several platforms have recognized her as the wealthiest woman living in Africa. Her family background has made her popular, but her hard earned milestones have made her the woman she is at the moment.

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Hoje voltamos a fazer história em Angola 🇦🇴. Trabalhar o que é nosso, com os nossos recursos, as nossas pessoas. Do sonho vem a conquista e com a nossa Zap Estúdios assim foi… Quando sonhei em produzir os nossos próprios programas e partilhá-los com todos os angolanos, juntou-se uma grande equipa, que é mais uma família para falar verdade. Investimos em infraestrutura, em recursos, material, formação e conhecimento. E hoje inauguramos os estúdios da Zap em Talatona e assim levamos Angola ao mundo 🌍 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #ZapEstúdios #Angola #Success Today we are making history again in Angola 🇦🇴. Working with what is ours, with our resources, our people. This success of our Zap Estúdios came from a dream… When I dreamed of producing our own programs and sharing them with all the Angolans, immediately there was a great team, which is one more family to speak with. We invested in infrastructure, resources, material, training and knowledge. Today we inaugurate the Zap studios in Talatona and thus we take Angola to the world 🌍

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Not long ago, the businesswoman was elected to serve in the board of directors in a company called Unitel. The Angolan based company is excited to have the experienced businesswoman in its leadership. The team that has been appointed will be expected to start working in May this year. News published from Angola shows that Isabel dos Santos was appointed unanimously selected by the company because of her expertise in the field. This is not the first time she will be serving on the prestigious board. The company has been watching her accomplishment in the past tenure, and they are convinced that they have selected the best candidate for the tough role. The businesswoman has always been committed in most of the roles she has been offered in the past, and the team is looking forward for better and bigger accomplishments in the coming future. Isabel dos Santos has said that she is looking forward for the new role she has been granted. Santos has also promised the team better and bigger plans.

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