Article Title: Igor Cornelsen provides practical advise with long-term investment strategies

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Captain of investment banking Igor Cornelsen is a force to be reckoned with amongst international advisory member firms. The Multibanco star prodigy hustled his way up from broker, to board of governors, and finally CEO.

Accomplishing such a feat in only seven years time, Cornelsen established a reputation as a knowledgeable, credible, and trustworthy financial agent- serving his customers in ways that inspires confidence.

Genuinely committed to his field, Igor Cornelsen worked tirelessly on both personal, and interpersonal matters. Realizing that capable leaders are devoted to consistently producing results that retain good clients, he put all that he had into executing on his core responsibilities.

After the Bank of America acquisition, he would take his talents to then prominent investment firm Unibanco. Due to a shifting economic climate, he once more moved over to London Chartered Merchant Bank Libra Bank PLC where he shined in his new found position as investment advisor, handling the firm’s international clientele.

With over two decades of in-depth industry experience under his belt, and with a wealth of investor related connections worldwide, Cornelsen ventured out on his own to form Bainbridge Investments, a financial advisory agency in 1995.

According to him, the idea for starting his own firm grew like a seed out of the soil of his previous positions at some of Brazil’s most prominent firms to date. In his own words, Bainbridge was the outcome of ‘natural consequences’.

Igor Cornelsen’s career is a great lesson in professional trajectory: spend enough time in the financial industry and eventually you will end up starting your own fund. Today Cornelsen is still at the helm of Bainbridge Investments, identifying long-term investment prospects for his clients. Operating out the Bahamas, the veteran firm continues to provide guidance in a complicated, volatile marketplace. Bainbridge focuses on lower performing stocks as a way to gather returns.

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