Rebel Wilson Had A Truly Unique Birthday Celebration In The Lead Up To Another Big Role

 Rebel Wilson has built up quite an impressive worldwide fanbase. The Australian born actress has been quite busy as of late with a number of exciting projects. The new Rebel Wilson romantic comedy Isn’t It Romantic recently debuted on Netflix.

Rebel is also one of the stars for the 2019 rendition of Cats that is set to come out. It is safe to say that that last year has been quite a busy one. Her fans certainly have a lot to look forward to with her upcoming role in Cats. Rebel Wilson has also recently celebrated her 39th birthday and she made sure to enjoy herself. Her unique celebration became a popular post on her Instagram feed.

The unique birthday celebration that Rebel Wilson enjoyed was quite a unique one. The Cats and Isn’t It Romantic star took part in a cake baking class but even more fascinating was her unique workout routine seemed to pay tribute to her upcoming role in Cats. Read more:  Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

This cat-themed workout route that Rebel Wilson took part in was the idea of her friends. They are the ones who threw her this unique and quite unexpected surprise party. Rebel Wilson had quite a light-hearted and joking attitude about her unique exercise routine. Making her own birthday cake was a big part of the fun that Rebel Wilson had as well. The cake making class seemed to have a lot in common with the light-heartedness of the cat-themed workout routine.

Rebel Wilson has been very excited about her involvement with Cats. She is also excited about being joined by such an impressive, all-star cast that is working with her on the film. Other stars in the upcoming film include Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen and James Corden among others.

Rebel Wilson has been particularly excited about the fact that she gets the opportunity to collaborate with Taylor Swift and has a great many kind things to say about her.

Australia’s Rebel Wilson is an actress who has made a significant name for herself in recent years. She is notable for her work in Pitch Perfect and more recently as the start of Isn’t It Romantic. Rebel Wilson also finds herself as part of the all star cast of Cats which will be coming out in 2019.

Rebel was born in 1980 and studied at the Australian Theatre for Young People. A successful career in the entertainment industry in Australia followed before her star hit the world stage. Her career has only taken off further since then as she has become a recognizable Hollywood face. Her recent period of activity shows that she has no plans to slow down.

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