The entrepreneurial journey of Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed grew up wanting to become an architect and emulate her father. She spent endless hours sketching ideas and building things. However, things took a different turn when she realized that her drive was in developing business ideas instead of constructing buildings. This triggered her to start exploring new adventures where she would interact with real-life scenarios.

The entrepreneur found her landing in the consulting world and kicked off at Bain before joining Thumbtack product team. She would later join Lightspeed Venture Capital where she has remained a member of consumer investing team.

Ashley Lightspeed’s expertise is in growth strategy. This involves getting companies up the hockey stick in the most cost-effective manner. With the understanding that each company needs independent attention, she prides in being able to iterate ideas and improve products — demographic shift, which more often than not sparks innovation also fascinates her.

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Right from a young age, she adopted work ethics, which have been instrumental both in her career and personal life. With all her innovation, creativity and resilience, the opportunity of working with early-stage startups excites Ashley Lightspeed.

More often than not, she spends her days meeting with startups and entrepreneurs. She feels that they hold the future for innovative businesses. Monday is her favorite day of the week because she gets to pitch her new ideas to the full Lightspeed Partnership. She also gets to reconnect with and learn from her colleagues. Over and above all this, she has to create time for the existing portfolio.

How does she keep up with a generally packed schedule? While every day is different, she ends it with self-reflection ‘me’ time. This is in addition to journaling, which she claims gives her peace of mind and an opportunity to organize her thoughts. Her life is not only intentional but also purposeful.

Her parting shot indicates that as an entrepreneur, it is essential to keep things flexible. She works with the saying, ‘fail fast and iterate faster.’



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