Immense change at Fortress Investment Group

In 1988, Fortress Investment group was a Hedge Fund that went viral and was the first to go public in the New York stock exchange. By 2017, the Fortress Investment Group had overseen 40 Billion dollars in global assists. In the same year, Softbank, a financing company purchased Fortress Investment Group. Together they would develop TSX Broadway in Times Square in New York. The project will include 75,000 square foot of retail and a luxurious hotel that has 46 floors.

In October, the company closed on one of their biggest investments, a 20 million dollar retail building. In the first year of Softbank and Fortress Investment group working together, they created two new real estate funds. One of the funds is to provide direct private- equity credit and the other to purchase debt.

In May, they announced that they were raising 400 million dollars for a fund that would pursue legal remedies for the violation of intellectual property. This fund is to curtail violations by purchasing the patent portfolios and loan money to those that are protecting their own portfolios.

In June, Ipass Partnership announced 20 million dollars in credit from affiliate funds from the Fortress Investment Group. Ipass is the largest WiFi company in the world that offers more than 64 million hotspots. They wanted to finance their company and was secured with the Ipass patent portfolio. For the past year, it has been a lot of immense change within the company. It has grown to an even larger investment group than the past years. From working with Softbank and creating retail within Broadway to partnering with the worlds largest WiFi Hotspot company.

The company continues to open new vistas, investing in vehicles and opening new retail buildings. The company is sure to have even more success in the future.

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