Matthew Fleeger supports Sadier Keller foundation

Sadier Keller shares the experience she underwent during her cancer treatment process. She had Leukemia at the age of 7. She did not attend her kindergarten as she was struggling with cancer. She recounts how the situation was scary with the multiple treatments and the agonizing situation she underwent during chemotherapy.

She decided to take a film in every situation, and this made her feel a little better. She took the videos with the aim of helping others to learn what to expect during the treatment. She wanted the other children to get the treatment with some knowledge since they would pass through and persevere.

She began the video program like shire fun, but her family members later embraced the program. She maintained a positive attitude during the daring moments knowing that she was not alone in pain. Later on, Sadie Keller started to share the video on YouTube. With time, the videos grew viral, and many people turned to them as resource materials during the treatment of cancer. She shares the experience with the other children to face the treatment with confidence.

She later let to the increased research on pediatric cancer. The campaign she began lacked capital. Thanks to the many organizations and donors like Matthew Fleeger of Gulf Coast western who came in to help. So far, her campaign appreciates donors for their support. The campaign has helped to bring the many people aware of the cancer treatment. Sadie Keller has distributed the films too many children who suffered from cancer disease.

Since her healing in 2017, she has endeavored to bring awareness to many people who have pediatric cancer. She has delivered over 10,000 gifts to children suffering and undergoing cancer treatment. In addition to campaigning against cancer, she travels the region to talk to leaders about the need to support people living with the disease.

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