Jana Messerschmidt Is Working At Lightspeed To Do Big Things

Jana Messerschmidt attended college at the University of Illinois, where she graduated with degrees in engineering and computer engineering in 2001. She worked at several businesses after that, quickly working her way up in each company and becoming an important part of it. One of her most important roles was with Netflix. She worked with mobile consumer electronics partnerships there. And, she worked at Twitter for a time as the vice president of global business development and platform. She believes that it is important for women to be involved in the business world, and she is always advocating for them and for minorities.

She even started her own movement to help women get more involved in the business world. It allows them to get involved in wealth creation for companies, and she encourages all women to be brave in their careers. And, another exciting thing that is going on, is the Jana Lightspeed connection. She has started working for the firm Lightspeed, and she brings a lot of experience to it. She was hired along with several others, and they are there to make changes in the company and make it become a huge success because of their experience.

Jana Messerschmidt is always encouraging others to do more with their lives when it comes to the business world and technology. She encourages people to learn how to code, and she shared a blog that she had written on the subject on Twitter. She also shares other information on topics such as cell service, and her daughter, on Twitter. She stays busy with all that she is doing, and the Jana Lightspeed connection is one of the bigger and better roles she has taken on. She is doing a lot with that company thanks to her previous experience and her ambition.

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