Jose AuriemoNeto Oversees the Development of Major Real Estate Projects in Brazil under JHSF

When Jose AuriemoNeto was only 27 years old, he took over as the CEO of one of the biggest real estate companies in Brazil, JHSF. He is the first born son of Fabio Auriemo who is the co-founder of this business. As soon as he was out of the university, his father was ready to throw him into the work of managing the real estate company. A lot was expected of him, and surely he proved that he was ready for the task. Jose AuriemoNeto started his working career with the company since he was 17 years and therefore has had the time to learn a lot about the management of the company. Before becoming the CEO and after completing his university education, Jose AuriemoNeto held other positions in the management of the company.

AuriemoNeto came up with the idea of parking lot division of the JHSF when he was only 17 years. This accomplishment solidified his interests in the growth and management of JHSF, and by the age of 22 years, he was already director managing key departments in the company. His expertise ability to deliver is one of the reasons why Jose AuriemoNeto is one of the highly successful CEOs in the real estate industry in Brazil. His confidence as a business leader has grown tremendously since he started this business at a very young age. He understands the potential of high-end real estate projects, and that is why he has directed JHSF towards that line of business.

Today, Jose AuriemoNeto is involved in the development of luxury residential and commercial real estate projects. With the Brazilian real estate industry growing tremendously in the past few decades, AuriemoNeto has spotted great opportunities that he can tap into. One of the highlights of his career in the real estate industry is managing to develop some of the largest shopping center projects in Brazil. Some of the biggest shopping malls in the largest cities across Brazil have been developed under his leadership skills. They include CidadeJardim Complex, Shopping MetrĂ´Tucuruvi, and Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. The company sold Shopping Metro Santa Cruz to focus its energies on the development of Caterina Fashion Outlet. This is an outlet that sells global luxury brands.


Organo Gold has Opportunities for People to Make Money Through It

The Organo Gold corporation is privately held and is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia. It sells its products through independent distributors and has them available in 5 continents. Its products are made for active people, and they include teas, personal care items, and nutraceuticals. The brand is also known for its coffees, and it helps people stay active and healthy with its products, with some of its products even helping to promote weight loss.

Organo Gold shares about new products and products that have been featured in magazines on social media. It also shares contests and inspiration for those who want to exercise and get more fit on Instagram. Organo Gold has opportunities for people to make money through it as independent distributors, and anyone can get involved in that way. And, if they put their all in as they are selling the Organo Gold products, there will be no limits to how much money they can make.

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New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp has put their concern on the matters of the real estate, particularly in the United States. The company has set its head office in New York after it was erected in 2011.

The company has a lot of duties that have set the matters of the real estate at the better scene in the market. The clients of the company have expressed their support for many of the measure set by the company.

Most of the proposals put in place by the organization were meant to create sanity within the real estate deals. The main agendas of the New Residential Investment Corp at the current state include Residential Securities and Loans.

The other services that have been deemed to be of the great benefits to the customers within the company include mortgage servicing rights (MSRs). The step that has been pushed by the New Residential Investment Corp has attracted a lot of the customers across the United States. The management team within the organization has emphasized on the teamwork among the member for the company to partner with more of the customers across the United States. Additionally, the step will put the company at the better place to allow employees to share ideas among each other.

New Residential Investment Corp through its innovative nature of the management has created the platform of the Live Tv where the customers can check any changes that have been put in place. More factors have been integrated into the system of the New Residential Investment Corp to create a better platform for the customers to trade.

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