Malcolm CasSelle Ventures into Cryptocurrency Markets With WAX Platform

Malcolm CasSelle has just added a new feather to his cap. The current CIO for in-game asset giant OPSkins is now the acting president for Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is a brand-spanking new player to player trading network existing within a decentralized marketplace. It allows gamers within a network of certain games to trade freely with one another. The network provides a legitimate return of investment for gamers, and promises the creation of a new digital currency market. According to CasSelle WAX could very well be the catalyst for cryptocurrency’s mainstream. This statement is mostly based on WAX’s use of blockchain technology to revolutionize the current cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency is still fresh enough that most are unsure of it. Its wide span problems with fraud and fragmentation have created major roadblocks in its quest for the mainstream. The costs of hiring intermediary security drive up market prices. The rampant spread of fraud also makes both centralized and decentralized markets too iffy for many to trust. Blockchain technology aptly fixes these problems with integrated software that safeguards users while cutting out the middleman.

Blockchains create smart lists to profile user data. Such profiles allow fraudulent users to be pinpointed, creating necessary security measures. As the tech uses cryptography in its software the need for outside help is non-existent.

Many praise the blockchain as the future of cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle, who has been dabbling in the virtual world since ’95, is so sure of it that he is jumping right into the deep end of the pool.CasSelle is a graduate of both MIT and Stanford where he graduate with complementary degrees in computer sciences. His first company NetNoir put him on the map, and since its founding he has gone on to do great things.

CasSelle was a top contributor to Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent, he worked in early payroll solutions, and was an early stage investor in Bitcoin. As the CIO of OPSkins he has aided the company in becoming a global power. WAX promises to do much more as blockchains are at the forefront of recent technology. The potential WAX demonstrates may be just what cryptocurrency needs to evolve to the next step.

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Jason Hope Embraces Anti-Aging Research

In a world of constant technological innovation, there is an extreme focus being put on the work being done in the medical field. We are seeing unrivaled leaps in the field of biotechnology research and people like Dr. Aubrey De Grey and Mike Kope are working to push the field ever forward. Kope and Dr. De Grey are the two founding members of the non-profit research facility known as the SENS Research Foundation. The SENS Research Foundation was established in 2009 in order to research into solutions to age-related illness. Now, the non-profit is booming thanks to a donation from futurist Jason Hope to the tune of $500,000. Read more on

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur and one of the more decorated futurists currently working within the tech industry today. As a futurist, Hope is charged with looking beyond the bend in order to find trends that showcase wild future potential. Hope first established himself in the industry when he put his time and money into the field of mobile communications with his startup company, Jawa. The success of Jawa helped Hope to push forward and into other fields, namely that of biotechnology.

Jason Hope has always been of the belief that the way we age is not cemented forever. Hope believes, like many other futurists, that advances in medical research will lead to a reduction in the degenerative process associated with aging. For that reason, Hope was a natural supporter of the SENS Research Foundation. Jason Hope connected with Dr. Aubrey De Grey after doing immense research into the industry and it took only a conversation for the two to realize that they’d be natural supporters of one another’s work. Hope would end up signing a $500,000 donation to the facility in order to give their research the boost that it needs.

JasonHope’s donation would go toward kickstarting the research that the SENS Foundation is doing on the subject of arteriosclerosis which runs rampant in our elderly population. Hope’s donation was announced at a philanthropic event hosted by Peter Thiel and Hope himself was in attendance to be recognized and honored for his support.




David McDonald Planning To Make OSI Group The Largest Poultry Producer In China

David McDonald is an individual who has emerged from a humble background to the point of growth to being one of the most respected leaders in the food industry. Growing in Iowa, McDonald was passionate about agriculture and anything else related to food production and processes. However, his dream was one filled with difficulties in implementation because his parents could not be considered as wealthy or people with the financial capacity to help him accomplish his goals and objectives. Working on the farm helped him to continue gaining much knowledge and desire to work in agriculture and food related industry.

His parents worked hard to ensure that he got both primary and University education, which further made it possible and easy to accomplish his dream of working in biology and agriculture-related industry. McDonald later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science which gave him an insight in dealing with animals and animal products. It is after graduating from Iowa State University that David McDonald was able to secure employment opportunity at OSI Industries where he has been working for more than thirty years in the company. He has demonstrated talent, skills, and competence by moving from lower ranks in the company hierarchy to the point of becoming the organizational president.


Raising from the rank of a project manager to the point of becoming the OSI Industries’ president is a clear illustration as to why he was selected as the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. His leadership skills and experience continue to be illuminated through his accomplishments and strategic plans that he has implemented to help the organization grow and achieve its vision. David McDonald is a respected individual in the food processing industry that other leaders in the industry cannot ignore.

OSI Industries is currently dominating the food industry in the world by ensuring that it supplies value-added proteins such as pizza, sandwiches, beef patties, and sausage links among others. It is through David McDonald that the organization has been able to expand throughout the world. Currently, OSI Industries owns facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company has eight operational factories in China, which shows how the company is committed and dedicated to controlling the food market in the Asian country that is currently emerging as an industrial hub in the world. David McDonald is formulating and implementing strategies that will help OSI Industries to be the largest poultry producer in China.

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