Sussex Healthcare Makes Its Residents Feel At Home

Sussex Healthcare is an innovative network of senior living homes that also provides services to young adults who suffer from various neurological conditions. For the most part however, Sussex residents suffer from some form of dementia that affects regular brain activity. Sussex is constantly improving upon himself and has announced its plans for a new cutting edge gym with a host of equipment. For instance, the gym will feature stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, and a pool among other things. Residents will also have access to a hot tub, which have been proven to reduce soreness in the joints and muscles.

Each of these effective machines can be modified to fit the needs of any resident. Not to mention, the resistance of an elliptical trainer can also be modified. Members of the Sussex Healthcare staff of trained specialists may customize certain aspects of each device to make them as safe as possible. The beauty of the elliptical trainer is that it will cause significantly less soreness and will not stress the joints like your standard treadmill.

Since Sussex Healthcare was established it has served as a place for those suffering from debilitating neurological conditions. It strives to make resident’s lives as enjoyable as possible. The company was officially certified by the International Organization for Standardization more than 15 years ago. Sussex Healthcare has built a reputation as one of the leading companies when it comes to providing specialized care. As of right now Sussex is a network of over 15 facilities.

Sussex Healthcare’s senior living homes are stand out because of their level of comfortability. Whether its the Clemsfold House, Forest Lodge, Horncastle House, or Kingsmead Care Centre residents will be able to feel at home. Each home has skilled nurses and staff on duty at all times as well.

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