Stansberry Research Digs in on the Chinese Crunch

Stansberry Research is a premium research-based financial advisory service that strives to offer its subscribers cutting edge information regarding the financial and commodity markets. According to Stansberry Research, they have a bias for the assets that people ignore, hate or are simply don’t know about. The organization has a long history of market-based research that it keeps reviewing to make sure that its customer base is satisfied at all times. The premium subscription publisher now has over 50 000 subscribers, 70 000 of them are lifetime clients who depend on the company for the daily, monthly and annual decisions regarding the direction of the markets. Stansberry examines the recent behavior of Chinese Stocks.


Eisman Says


Stansberry Research keeps collecting important market news for subscribers across the globe. It has examined the Chinese market and gives its considered opinion regarding what has come to be widely known as the China Crash. The news indicates that Eisman has turned extremely bullish on the banks. Markets are volatile but Stansberry calls the bluff and says that its the way it has always been. Markets being volatile is something that turns around soon or later. In the 2008 financial crunch, Eisman made lots of money from betting against banks. He was even made the subject of The Big Short novel and film. He is a well-known hedge fund manager with a knack for taking risks. He burst onto the scene following Donald Trump’s election. In an interview with Bloomberg, Eisman pointed out that it is the first time he had become so patronizing in his analysis of the banks. He says that the markets are going to experience a surge in banking services owing to the impending likelihood of deregulation in the sector. Eisman says that in his considered opinion, deregulation is a good thing for the business.


Note the Market Forces


While China and the US aren’t the best of friends, they are the best market partners the world has seen in the recent past. So, they are friends by default anyway; so much so that when one sneezes and coughs the other one catches a cold. Recent events in America had an immediate effect on the Chinese Markets. US stocks fell and triggered a fall in nearly all Chinese-linked stocks too. Stansberry Research attributes the fall of China-related stocks to normal market trends. He advises those with huge holdings in the Chinese stocks to cut them down. They should do the same for any other markets because the rule applies across the board

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