Logistic and Transport Expert- Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera has been in the logistics as well as the transport department for over 40 years. He joined the Army working in the marine department from 1976 serving the nation by shipping commodities as well as troops. Mr. Perry also served the people of Illinois. During the time at the marine department, Perry realized how the shipping industry had a large impact. Despite the fact that the industry positively affected his life, Perry Mandera talks more about his connection with the troops he shipped as well as the people he helped. The comrade experience was vital accomplishment during his tenure in the marine sector.


Mr. Mandera served people while in the marine industry, but his service for others did not end when he left the industry. Perry went ahead to be elected to a political position in 1984. He was the 26th Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago. During the time he served for four years she was the youngest to ever serve in the Chicago Ward. The position gave him a good opportunity to be able to serve people better. Perry Mandera has been on the front line to help others through organizations. He is more passionate about children who come from less fortunate backgrounds. Perry does not help through non-profit organizations but he also helps others through his staff in the office. He has grown a habit of asking his employees to identify the needy in their neighborhood.


Mandera is among the few people who spend very few hours sleeping and he says that his morning starts immediately his night ends. Perry starts his day by first going through his emails before taking few hours on the phone. Perry Mandera loves going to lunch with a vendor or one of his employees, before going back to the office to end his day. Perry Mandera has developed a habit of taking a break from work by going for entertainment once per week. Perry is a strong believer of doing things right for the first time, and the policy is also used at his workplace. Together with his employees and other people he has worked with for more than 30 years, Perry is able to bring ideas into existence.

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