A Glimpse Of Robert Ivy: A Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Robert Ivy, the Chief Executive Officer a well as the executive vice president of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) as from February 2011, has been granted the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the MIAL (Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters). The declaration denotes the first time an architect has been given the Polk Award, which perceives “living Mississippi-associated artists as well as art patrons whose assemblage of work over a lifetime of performing, supporting, and creating art is extraordinary.” The past honorees include Morgan Freeman (an Actor 2007), Walter Anderon (an artist 1989), Eudora Welty (a writer 2001) and Leontyne Price (a singer 2000).

The MIAL President, Nancy LaForge, said that with regards to making architecture more available to the general population, there is nobody else like Robert Ivy from Mississippi. The President of MIAL further stated that as a commentator, an author, and a writer on architecture globally, he would now take his legitimate position in an acclaimed list of Noel Polk Award honorees.

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Carl Elefante, the President of AIA, added saying that Robert Ivy as the CEO of AIA since 2011, and as the editorial manager, practicing architect, and as an author, is a commendable ambassador for their profession. He further adds that the honor comes as a delegated personal as well as a professional accomplishment for him as a local of Mississippi. He finished by stating on behalf of the AIA team, that he is genuinely delighted in congratulating him on his remarkable honor.

Since starting his residency in 2011 with the AIA, Robert Ivy has extended the worldwide presence as well as the influence of the association, which is at the moment in its 160th year in history and its highest membership level. He was acknowledged officially during an event on June 2.

AIA was established in 1857 and consistently works to develop more secure, healthy, valuable, and sustainable structures, communities and neighborhoods. Over 200 universal, state, and local sections, AIA advocates for public approaches promoting economic vitality as well as general wellbeing. AIA issues members with apparatus and resources to help them in their professions and business. The Institute also engages with urban and government pioneers and the population to discover solutions to issues confronting the institutions, world, communities, and nation. Robert Ivy attended the Sewanee: The University of the South and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and at the Tulane University attained a Master of Architecture degree.

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Jeff Aronin Fights For a Big Cause

Suffering from disease is always difficult, but for some, it is even more so. While some illnesses, infections, and other ailments have well-studied and established treatments, others go more under the radar. For those who deal with this type of lesser known illness, finding relief is difficult. Medical funding often goes to “bigger” diseases, and while this money is obviously very well spent, sufferers of less common medical issues sometimes get left behind.


Fortunately, Jeff Aronin, CEO of Paragon Biosciences and philanthropist, is doing his best to remedy this issue. Paragon Biosciences, through the leadership of Jeff Aronin, works tirelessly in the development of treatments and cures for diseases “for which there are only a few treatment options available or none exist at all.” So far, Paragon Biosciences has done a great job making progress on this front, and their hope is to continue down the path they have already started. While many factors are part of how Paragon Biosciences has done so much so quickly, the biggest two are the company’s excellent leadership and innovative business model.


Jeff Aronin leads Paragon Biosciences with a clear vision and philosophy. Paragon’s main “day-to-day” is offering both financial and strategic help to biomedical companies, and to accomplish this, the Paragon’s hardworking team members “deeply study patient needs, relentlessly accelerate breakthrough science, and strategically build companies to alleviate suffering.” Everything Paragon does is in accordance to the aforementioned three steps, and by staying the course with such intense focus, Jeff Aronin and his company have made enormous strides in the field. While this type of work may go invisible to some, others, the ones dealing with hard-to-treat diseases, are endlessly thankful for the hard work of Paragon.


There is no doubt that Jeff Aronin’s work is making an enormous difference in the medical world. His 20 years of experience, along with genuine care and passion for his field, make him an excellent person to lead the charge on such a significant issue. Aronin is always willing to share his journey with younger entrepreneurs, in hopes that they can glean some insight from the his journey so far. Jeff Aronin is attracted to “unsolvable problems,” and this is the very level of resolve needed to excel in today’s business climate. Thankfully, his work will certainly transcend himself and influence many others to continue his journey long after his career.


Glen Wakeman: Storybook Success

Glen Wakeman is a true success story of how hard work and perseverance can change your life dramatically. Glen is a business mentor, innovator, and writer that aims to provide selfless help to those individuals looking to start a business. He is the owner and founder of LaunchPad Holdings, which is a company that takes entrepreneurs through a series of questions to help them create a business model that will help them achieve their goals, and make money. The cost of services is $100. With at least 30 minutes, one can have a business plan to execute for success. Glen created the business after realizing the help that he could give future business owners on their startups. What is the most commendable about LaunchPad’s startup is that Glen appreciated the ability to help these individuals. Not to mention, he believed in their vision. Using the business acumen that he acquired through years of traveling abroad, he is able to show individuals how to succeed in every type of market. One crucial piece of advice from Glen Wakeman is to understand that some businesses may not earn money immediately. The primary focus of the owners is to reach their objective goals, and the money will come. Gradually the income will increase, double, and triple in time. Glen also reassures business owners that it is ok to feel like something may not work. If one uses those thoughts to create a better service or product, they will succeed. There is no such thing as failure when one continues to improve their understanding and services that they offer. One of the ways he gets customers is through his writing. Customers like posts and then contact Wakeman for more information. Readers turn into followers. Followers turn into customers. Other things that are highly important to the success of any business are discipline, preparation, and teamwork. Excellence will only come to those who demand it and seek it aggressively. It is important not to put off tasks for tomorrow that can be done today. Never settle for less than the goals you seek, and you will hit your mark every time.

Logistic and Transport Expert- Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera has been in the logistics as well as the transport department for over 40 years. He joined the Army working in the marine department from 1976 serving the nation by shipping commodities as well as troops. Mr. Perry also served the people of Illinois. During the time at the marine department, Perry realized how the shipping industry had a large impact. Despite the fact that the industry positively affected his life, Perry Mandera talks more about his connection with the troops he shipped as well as the people he helped. The comrade experience was vital accomplishment during his tenure in the marine sector.


Mr. Mandera served people while in the marine industry, but his service for others did not end when he left the industry. Perry went ahead to be elected to a political position in 1984. He was the 26th Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago. During the time he served for four years she was the youngest to ever serve in the Chicago Ward. The position gave him a good opportunity to be able to serve people better. Perry Mandera has been on the front line to help others through organizations. He is more passionate about children who come from less fortunate backgrounds. Perry does not help through non-profit organizations but he also helps others through his staff in the office. He has grown a habit of asking his employees to identify the needy in their neighborhood.


Mandera is among the few people who spend very few hours sleeping and he says that his morning starts immediately his night ends. Perry starts his day by first going through his emails before taking few hours on the phone. Perry Mandera loves going to lunch with a vendor or one of his employees, before going back to the office to end his day. Perry Mandera has developed a habit of taking a break from work by going for entertainment once per week. Perry is a strong believer of doing things right for the first time, and the policy is also used at his workplace. Together with his employees and other people he has worked with for more than 30 years, Perry is able to bring ideas into existence.

Christopher Linkas Says The Time Is Now For Millennials

The wise always say that procrastination Is the thief of time and as Christopher Linkas, the financial experts put it, many people procrastinate their savings and investment and all they end up doing is stealing their own retirement cushions. Many people end up being burdens to their own family members with huge maintenance cost that they could cover for themselves.

The 1991 graduate of Bowdoin College implores millennial to start investing and saving now because the greatest gift they have is time. As Linkas puts it, it does not matter how much you start saving per month because there would be a little help from the greatest mathematical formula of all time called compound interest that will give you a hand. The interesting thing with compound interest is that you gain extra from the interest you just gained. Interesting enough, if you also gain dividends you also earn an interest when you invest. However, it is common knowledge that saving is not a child’s play. With increased expenses and the lure of millennials to the high life, saving becomes increasingly difficult. Christopher in his time leading financial companies like the RER Financial Group, AEW and Goldman Sachs he has gained some experience that he can share with the young adults.

First, you should establish rules to assist you in managing your finances and making sure you do not overspend. Secondly, learn to make a budget of not only expenses but also income and stick to it. This would help you know the amount you need to save or spend. Thirdly, encourage yourself to take greater risks over time, but always use your common sense to learn what is too much risk. Lastly, make sure to diversify your income and portfolio. This will help in making sure you have enough when the clock ticks down on you.

The aim and drive should be to save at least 8 times your annual salary by the time you reach retirement. Christopher Linkas adds more tips to becoming a better investor. He asks millennials to use the power of technology to do their research and familiarize themselves with the world of investment. The encouragement he lives for the young adults is that the greatest gift they have is time and no matter the hardship or failure they face, they should never give up because time always heals all wounds, even financial ones.

Graham Edwards, shaping the world of business through brilliant leadership skills

Ever since Telereal Trillium was established back in 2001, Graham Edwards has been an integral part of the company and has been serving as the Chief executive officer. He has helped Telereal achieve significant milestones. Thanks to this loyalty and exceptional leadership qualities, his time as the CEO is now up and it is now time for him to take on an even greater role as the chairman of the company.


To provide a smooth transition the company already has planned a new management board with Russel Gurnhill who was previously the joint managing director taking on Graham’s CEO seat. Another person who will rise above the ranks is Adam Dakin who will now take on the place of managing director and will soon be responsible for new businesses and services by Telereal Trillium. However, there will be no changes to Graeme Hunter’s and Michael Hackenbroch’s positions as they will continue to focus on their current responsibilities. Telereal has an office in Nottingham but has its headquarters in London and partnerships with various renowned businesses such as Aviva and Royal Mail.


Commenting on the matter, Graham Edwards said that the plans for the restructuring did not begin recently. Instead, they’ve been underway for quite some time now and are essential to the company’s ability to deliver an appropriate response to the ever-changing demands of Telereal. He further added that thanks to the restricting, Telereal now boasts a team of highly proficient staff who will help propel it to success through groundbreaking services to its partners, stakeholders and all the other parties involved.


Who is Graham Edwards?


Graham Edward is a man with many titles tied to his name. He is the 21st century’s all around man. He is known as an investor, philanthropist, business expert, excellent leader among many others. For instance, he is the CEO and also the owner of Castle water and as mentioned earlier, has been the CEO of Telereal Trillium ever since its establishment in 2001. Under his belt, the company has grown significantly and is now a leader in property investments and outsourcing. For instance, Graham prides himself on kick-starting the 2.4 outsourcing deal between Telereal and BT which resulted to over 6700 being transferred to Telereal. Graham also played a pivotal role in the negotiations between Telereal and Land Securities Group Plc which saw Telereal acquire Trillium.


Thanks to the merger the company reports yearly revenues more than 1 billion today and continues to conquer great heights. However, Graham Edwards has also worked with various other prominent companies such as Talisman global asset management where he was the chief investment officer. Even though he is among the high profile members of the society, Graham Edwardnthropic ns is known for his philaature and is an active member of various boards and committees such as one voice Europe, British friends of the Hebrew University among many others.


Under his leadership, he has helped Telereal Trillium give back to the society by making donations to charity. Graham Edwards attended Cambridge University where he received an M.A in economics. He also holds an M.A in international relations and national security studies from King’s College London. Graham also worked with Merrill Lynch investment management as the fund manager before moving on to various prominent companies. It is with the experience earned at these institutions that Graham Edwards continues to wow the world with his impressive business and economic management skills. During his free time, you can find him playing tennis or skiing.


Jorge Moll Shares His Findings on Human Morality Study

In 2006, the National Institute of Health under the leadership of its neuroscientist, Jorge Moll conducted a study on brain physiology and its relation to morality. Recently, Jorge revealed the findings of this study during an interview, and they are breathtaking. He says that according to the study, acts of kindness were handled by primitive brain parts. The part of the brain that sex and food are stimulated is the same that giving a donation or offering a helping hand.


Human morality

From this study which was conducted through scanning the volunteers’ brains activity as they participated in acts of kindness, it was clear that human morality was primitive. This means that one does not need to be intellectually elite to recognize an act of kindness or partake in it.


Jorge Moll believes that ethics and morality are hardwired into our brains. This is the reason even a child can recognize or partake in the act of kindness. The findings also shade light to some bizarre occurrences of an animal to animal kindness. Jorge Moll argues that more research into the working of the human brain will help humanity understand better issues revolving around morality and ethics.


About Jorge Moll the neurologist

Mr. Moll has dedicated his life and career to neuroscience. He is committed to understanding and shading light on how the physical nature of the brain influences human decision making. Thanks to his efforts in this field, Jorge is a well-recognized cognitive neuroscience specialist. Moll is also a trendsetter neuroscience researcher. The research methodologies he employed in his 2006 study including the distinctive functional magnetic resonance imaging have now widely been adopted by other researchers in neuroscience.


Currently, Jorge Moll is the Director and President of the famous D’Or Institute of Research and Education. This institute is based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He has previously worked at Stanford university’s neurological department and later National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke before joining D’Or. He studied B.S in Neurology at the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. He then pursued a PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University’s Medical School and attained it in 2004.


The Career of Lee May

The Cincinnati Reds have a very well known history. They have had a number of great players over the years including guys like Frank Robinson, Johnny Bench and Dave Concepcion. One great player that played for the organization that you may not know is Lee May. Lee May had a tremendous career with the Reds that even earned him Hall of Fame Honors. However he is often only remembered as being part of a historic trade. His legacy however far beyond a surprise trade in the early 1970’s.


May’s career in baseball took off in 1961 when he became part of the Red’s farm system. It took him several years to prove his worth but he was finally called up to the major ins 1967. He had an immediate impact hitting twelve homeruns and nearly sixty runs batted in all with less that five hundred at bats. The Sporting News recognized him as the rookie of the year. May’s career would grow over the next few years as he would be voted to an all star game, be named team MVP and even lead the Reds to the playoffs.


Lee May’s success did not keep ownership from looking to improve. In 1971, in a desire to improve team speed and move the team closer to a championship, the Reds traded May. The traded shocked most sports experts and May himself. He would go own to continue a productive career playing for multiple teams before retirement. After years of coaching May was eventually brought back to Cincinnati where he was made part of the teams Hall of Fame. May was honored but surprised by the honor, as he thought he would never make it back to Cincinnati. May would pass away in 2017, however his legacy with the Cincinnati Reds will live on for many years to come.


Dr. Johanan Rand Thinks Men Deserve More Attention in the Medical Field

Guys, it’s perfectly fine to have some issues in the bedroom as you get older. That being said, it does affect our confidence. It just does. Not being the young buck that you used to be can start to get to your head, after all, when you were younger you just performed better, in every way. There are treatment options out there, as we all know. I’m sure that your email account has spammed you with the first option, Viagra. Beyond that, there is hormone therapy, which is a better long-term solution. The problem with hormone therapy is that most of the clinics use synthetic hormones that have side-effects that can leave you worse off than you were before.


Dr. Johanan Rand over at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers is using new technology that is looking to change the use of synthetic hormones. Dr. Rand and his colleagues use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for patients experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. What’s different about this, is that the hormones that Dr. Johnathan Rand is using are identical to the hormones naturally produced in the body.


So far, the results have been dramatic. The clinic which primarily operates to serve those who are willing to fight back against the symptoms of aging has been using this bioidentical hormone therapy in diets serving women. Recently, they have started treating men with low testosterone with bioidentical testosterone treatments and have made significant progress during this time.


Men are reporting less anxiety, lower rates of depression, and, well, better performance than ever. Hopefully, Dr. Johanan Rand and his colleagues continue to develop this new method of reversing natural testosterone deterioration. Women seem to get all of the attention in the medical field, but men have issues with aging as well.


No-one wants to underperform and low testosterone can seriously affect how we view ourselves. Hopefully, the Health Aging Medical Centers continue to focus on men in the health field. The results so far have been incredible, and with the continued progress, they should get even better. Good luck Dr. Rand, we are rooting for you.

Stansberry Research Digs in on the Chinese Crunch

Stansberry Research is a premium research-based financial advisory service that strives to offer its subscribers cutting edge information regarding the financial and commodity markets. According to Stansberry Research, they have a bias for the assets that people ignore, hate or are simply don’t know about. The organization has a long history of market-based research that it keeps reviewing to make sure that its customer base is satisfied at all times. The premium subscription publisher now has over 50 000 subscribers, 70 000 of them are lifetime clients who depend on the company for the daily, monthly and annual decisions regarding the direction of the markets. Stansberry examines the recent behavior of Chinese Stocks.


Eisman Says


Stansberry Research keeps collecting important market news for subscribers across the globe. It has examined the Chinese market and gives its considered opinion regarding what has come to be widely known as the China Crash. The news indicates that Eisman has turned extremely bullish on the banks. Markets are volatile but Stansberry calls the bluff and says that its the way it has always been. Markets being volatile is something that turns around soon or later. In the 2008 financial crunch, Eisman made lots of money from betting against banks. He was even made the subject of The Big Short novel and film. He is a well-known hedge fund manager with a knack for taking risks. He burst onto the scene following Donald Trump’s election. In an interview with Bloomberg, Eisman pointed out that it is the first time he had become so patronizing in his analysis of the banks. He says that the markets are going to experience a surge in banking services owing to the impending likelihood of deregulation in the sector. Eisman says that in his considered opinion, deregulation is a good thing for the business.


Note the Market Forces


While China and the US aren’t the best of friends, they are the best market partners the world has seen in the recent past. So, they are friends by default anyway; so much so that when one sneezes and coughs the other one catches a cold. Recent events in America had an immediate effect on the Chinese Markets. US stocks fell and triggered a fall in nearly all Chinese-linked stocks too. Stansberry Research attributes the fall of China-related stocks to normal market trends. He advises those with huge holdings in the Chinese stocks to cut them down. They should do the same for any other markets because the rule applies across the board