Ara Chackerian’s Passion for Wilderness Preservation, Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

If Ara Chakerian and other forestry experts are correct, then our society needs to be far more proactive in the preservation of our forests and wilderness areas. These pieces of land are essential to us for several reasons. Not only do we need the natural resources that can be harvested from these areas of land, but we also depend on this land for recreation, sports and inspiration. Through their work with Chackerian, both his clients and his partners gain the skills to preserve wilderness areas in their regions; they also learn how to safely harvest the important natural resources that these wilderness areas have provided to humans for so many years.


In addition to the trees and resources that exist in forested areas, it is also important that we look after the various different populations of wildlife that reside within the wilderness. They can be harmed by many different natural threats, including storms, droughts and fires. Planning for preservation and resource management is no small task. There are so many different factors to consider, since each wilderness area is unique from any others on the planet. This is why experts like Ara advocate precise planning based on the unique conditions of each wilderness area in order to create the most sustainable wilderness and resource management program. For more details you can checkout



When he is not focused on improving the sustainability of our planet’s wilderness areas, Ara Chackerian, who is also an angel investor, is usually pursuing his other passions. These include entrepreneurship and philanthropy. ASC Capital Holdings, LLC is the name of the company which employs Ara Chackerian as the Managing Director. Chackerian has cultivated more than two decades worth of experience in helping young healthcare companies grow. He invests in these healthcare companies in the early phases of their development. A graduate from Florida State University, Ara Chackerian’s story doesn’t stop there. He is also active in charity work, and he has bot founded and supported a number of different non-profits, which have allowed him to give back to communities in the United States, Nicaragua and Armenia. For more details you can visit


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