AvaTrade Review as a Leading Financial Trading Broker Firm

The article captures a detailed AvaTrade review necessary for one to make the right decisions regarding their Forex broker. Sometimes you remain stagnant because you have not encountered something different and refreshing. One of the best things is to identify or rather discover the appropriate and most reliable trading platform. The Forex experts who are at the service of customers can do this. AvaTrade is highly recognized due to its beautiful facilities, money and customer protection, and an excellent reputation over the years. The recent financial report from AvaTrade shows that the trading turnover has reached USD 60 million. AvaTrade is an Irish broker review with the headquarters at the heart of Dublin. Nevertheless, the firm has several other departmental agencies representing the company in Sydney, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo. This Irish broker receives support and regulation from Irish Central Bank. This is the principal regulatory agency responsible for keeping the financial transparency and safety for the AvaTrade organization. AvaTrade venture into the online platform in 2006and since then it continues to make its presence.


Nothing can beat the decency and trustworthy in customer support services at AvaTrade. They have a professional team and excellent customer support services that meet the needs of every client. More to that is the multiple languages during provision of services. They speak multiple languages, and their customer services are available to anyone in need every minute or second. Any need can be expressed through a call, an email, or live chat means. Their customer services are offered freely to all. In addition to the customer services, the firm has defined trading software that makes the work easier. It allows the use of various trading software: Something that makes the process more comfortable for the trader. They have different versions to fit in every individual with the need. The other exciting provision at AvaTrade is the option to create an account. It begins by choosing the type of currency that is convenient for you and that which will allow you to manage your account correctly. Finally, there are huge bonuses and special promotions to encourage their traders. They vary in functionality, and the trader makes a choice.

Ronald Fowlkes an American Hero

To become a hero is a desire each has but it requires courageous and noble acts which are most times dangerous and with a lot of adversity. Ronald Fowlkes currently the business development manager at Eagle Industries Unlimited firm is an American hero who has proved to be worth the title. At the firm Ronald Fowlkes is responsible for camouflage wear used by the law enforces, hence he should ensure that they are modern, powerful, rebounding and efficient a task easy for him having worked with law enforcement agencies in the country for thirteen years. Fowlkes heroism was shown by his diligent work in the United States military marine corps for four years which earned him two promotions on merit.

Of late Fowlkes lives a busy life since despite his position at the Eagle Industries Unlimited he communicates with the customers all over the United States. He has the responsibility of product education which includes training of sales representatives on how they should work. The quality product being the critical achievement of each company, Fowlkes is in charge of the selection of the appropriate product for the firm.

Fowlkes professional background makes him fit at Eagle Industries Unlimited, apart from those mentioned above, he worked in Iraq with the joint improvised explosive device defeat organization to mount and dismount attack operations in war-prone areas. In the United States military from his thirteen years’ experience, he fits an instructor during hostage rescue missions. Fowlkes also collects evidence in case of crimes as well as question the arrested criminals. During his practicing years, they dealt with over two hundred and fifty highly risky rescue missions which they maneuvered. Their free time was used to carry out private investigations in the neighboring violent countries.

Apart from his professional background and current working responsibilities, Fowlkes is an enthusiastic hockey fan and trainer. His passion for hockey can be expressed by in his articles which are majorly on hockey. His knowledge of the different type of play in hockey is evident since he shares an idea on the introduction of fighting tactic which not only changes the momentum of the game but also energizes the team. He gives the reason for the change and how that has affected hockey generally in the National Hockey League. Fowlkes is a trainer at Saint Louis Blues’ Triple-A team where his son plays ice hockey.

His love for his country is evident due to his involvement in law enforcing and participation at the Eagle Industries Unlimited, but this can further be extended in his task to make his nation a better place by mentoring kids. Through giving his stories, the kids understand that they can as well grow to be of significant impact to the society. The guidance he provides to the kid helps them to make informed decisions in future. The passion to mentor has resulted to him working with the First Spear organization which equips soldiers and peacekeepers. Fowlkes is indeed an American hero.


Ara Chackerian’s Passion for Wilderness Preservation, Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

If Ara Chakerian and other forestry experts are correct, then our society needs to be far more proactive in the preservation of our forests and wilderness areas. These pieces of land are essential to us for several reasons. Not only do we need the natural resources that can be harvested from these areas of land, but we also depend on this land for recreation, sports and inspiration. Through their work with Chackerian, both his clients and his partners gain the skills to preserve wilderness areas in their regions; they also learn how to safely harvest the important natural resources that these wilderness areas have provided to humans for so many years.


In addition to the trees and resources that exist in forested areas, it is also important that we look after the various different populations of wildlife that reside within the wilderness. They can be harmed by many different natural threats, including storms, droughts and fires. Planning for preservation and resource management is no small task. There are so many different factors to consider, since each wilderness area is unique from any others on the planet. This is why experts like Ara advocate precise planning based on the unique conditions of each wilderness area in order to create the most sustainable wilderness and resource management program. For more details you can checkout arachackerian.com



When he is not focused on improving the sustainability of our planet’s wilderness areas, Ara Chackerian, who is also an angel investor, is usually pursuing his other passions. These include entrepreneurship and philanthropy. ASC Capital Holdings, LLC is the name of the company which employs Ara Chackerian as the Managing Director. Chackerian has cultivated more than two decades worth of experience in helping young healthcare companies grow. He invests in these healthcare companies in the early phases of their development. A graduate from Florida State University, Ara Chackerian’s story doesn’t stop there. He is also active in charity work, and he has bot founded and supported a number of different non-profits, which have allowed him to give back to communities in the United States, Nicaragua and Armenia. For more details you can visit crunchbase.com