Anthony Petrello Leading Force To Nabors Industries Success

Nabors Industries (NYSE: NBR) is one of the largest providers of drilling rigs and off shore platforms with operations in twenty plus countries.

They are led by their current Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer Anthony Petrello. He has been a member of the Nabors Industries Board of Directors since 1991 and been a major reason and guiding force of the company’s growth and financial success.

Petrello has a master’s degree from Yale University and a juris doctor degree from Harvard. In addition to the membership on Nabors’s board, he has board membership as Director for the Texas Children’s Hospital and Director for Stewart and Stevenson, LLC.

In a 2014 Daily Beast’s article, journalist Lloyd Grove wrote how amazed and envious he was when seeing that his old 1970’s Yale freshman roommate was listed as one of the top paid CEO’s in the United States. He described Petrello coming from a New Jersey public school and blue collar family was a rarity among the privilege student body. Grove said Antony at 18 years old was a genius level mathematician and was taken notice by Yale’s Professors. Grove who reached out to Petrello for comment said he received an email from him stating that he learned that being smart or lucky, that lucky is better. Tony Petrello said he was very lucky in his work career.

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  1. Individuals like Anthony Petrello are a main impetus to the formative advance of a nation and on the off chance that they are in your business or dealing with your business, at that point you can lay down with two eyes shut and have a rest of brain while planning to get your arrival a soon a conceivable. While Nabors Industries keep on providing custom essays as one of the biggest suppliers of penetrating apparatuses and seaward stages with operations in twenty or more nations, Anthony Petrello will convey more to make more name for himself and furthermore for the organization.

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