Dick DeVos Supports Global Charitable Organizations through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation

As a Grand Rapids, MI native, Dick DeVos actively support his business ventures and charitable organizations. He began working for his dad’s company, Amway, at an early age. DeVos said that the firm operated from their home’s basement. He also mentioned that together with his brother (Doug), they took care of guests who attended Amway’s yearly conventions. DeVos earned public speaking skills by speaking to guests at his father’s company. He made product demonstrations and was proud to work with Amway.

Academic Background

DeVos attended the Northwood University for an undergraduate degree in business administration program. The university acknowledged him as a distinguished alumnus. He also attended the Wharton School and Harvard Business School for executive learning programs. The Central Michigan University, Northwood University, and Groove City College issued honorary doctorates to DeVos for his influence in the Michigan business sector.

Personal Life

Dick DeVos married Betsy DeVos who previously served as chair of the Michigan Republican Party. The couple owns residential properties in Windsor, FL, Ada, MI and Grand Rapids, MI. He has four kids, Rick, Elissa, Ryan, and Andrea. They spend most of their vacations in the Windsor-based property. Rick followed his dad’s footsteps by studying business administration at Pepperdine University. He later decided to study mass communication from Calvin College and serves as an urban development consultant for the Windquest group.


Dick and Betsy DeVos both founded a charitable organization based in Grand Rapids. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donates cash to academic, spiritual, artistic, and community-based organizations. Its beneficiaries include the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the Grand Rapids Christian Schools, and Willow Creek Association.

The school operates on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. DeVos said that several aviators expressed their interest in supporting the school by offering practical lessons to the students. He also said that the school operates as a charter school for students to acquire quality education irrespective of their financial background.

Dick DeVos also supported the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management and Art Prize financially through his charity organization. Arts managers benefit from the art institution by acquiring practical art skills. The organization also offers programs based on capacity building through web chats, workshops, and seminars.

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  1. The art institution later changed its name to the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. DeVos launched the West Michigan Aviation Academy as a public charter high school based on his passion for aviation. That is why it’s very important that they write my homework for me and I will also make sure I get very good grades from it.

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