The relationship between McDonald and OSI Group

The relationship between McDonald and OSI Group

OSI Group is currently the largest supplier of custom value-added food in the world. The company started in a humble way from a corner shop butchery to a big corporation it is right now. The company started by taking over the American food market and it quickly expanded to the global market. OSI currently has over twenty thousand employees who are well paid and constantly motivated in order to go on delivering quality services to the company. The company also has more than 65 five facilities that are operating in more than seventeen countries. OSI is best known for processing and distributing quality food to their loyal customers in various parts of the world. See this article at

The relationship between McDonald and OSI Group

OSI Group started as a corner butcher shop that was owned by a German immigrant who had moved with his family to the United States in the year 1902. Otto Kolschowsky opened the butchery in the year 1908 in one of the suburbs in Chicago. Within a short time, the family butchery had attracted many loyal customers which triggered them to expand the butchery into retail butchery in some other part of Chicago which had mire population.

Otto & Son’s butchery started growing when Ray Kroc opened McDonald’s restaurant in the year 1955 in Des Plaines which operated as a franchise agent of the couple from California, Richard and Maurice McDonald. Since this was the first McDonald’s restaurant to be opened in Illinois, Ray Kroc approached the Otto & Sons to be among his suppliers of pure quality beef. In the year 1955, Otto & Sons’ butchery agreed to be among the four suppliers of pure and quality meat for the McDonald’s Restaurant. This deal gave Otto & Sons a chance to expand their market since the restaurant is among the most famous food Brands in America. Within a few years, Ray Kroc bought the McDonald restaurant he became the new chief executive officer of the restaurants. Immediately Ray took over the ownership of the restaurant from the couple, he made the OSI Group as their major supplier of beef products.

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Aloha Construction Setting High Standards in the Construction Industry

Aloha Construction is general local construction contracting firm that is family owned and operates in Illinois including Southern Wisconsin. The company which started from small beginnings has grown over the years under the guidance of the founder and CEO Mr. Dave Farbaky to be a leading award winning construction firm in the US. Aloha construction is widely renowned for its excellence, integrity and safety practices in the construction industry.

Dave Farbaky founded Aloha Construction over a decade ago and has been pivotal in the company success story. The forty six years old is a family man who resides in Lake Zurich, Illinois. At Aloha Dave focuses on providing good quality services at competitive market prices to the firm’s clients who are spread all over Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Farbaky’s success story is a source of inspiration and motivation to all young and upcoming entrepreneurs. Aside from being actively involved in running of Aloha construction day to day affairs Dave Farbaky is a cheerful giver who loves giving back to the society. Farbaky founded his foundation that is in the forefront in supporting the community through sports sponsorship and giving hope to children who have cancer.

Some of the services provided at Aloha construction include Free Property Inspections. Your commercial or residential building as part of safety measures needs to undergo regular inspections. Aloha Construction has provided this type of service to home owners living in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin free of charge. All you need to do is call the company and within few minutes a team of expert will come and inspect your property and make necessary recommendations.

Roof repair and replacement services are the other type of service you can find at Aloha Construction Company. There are numerous factors that may warrant the repair or replacement of your roof. These factors include things like ware and tare due to aging and wind friction that may result to things like leakages. Aloha Construction experts will examine your roof through a series of nine inspection processes and advise you accordingly.

Malcolm CasSelle Ventures into Cryptocurrency Markets With WAX Platform

Malcolm CasSelle has just added a new feather to his cap. The current CIO for in-game asset giant OPSkins is now the acting president for Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is a brand-spanking new player to player trading network existing within a decentralized marketplace. It allows gamers within a network of certain games to trade freely with one another. The network provides a legitimate return of investment for gamers, and promises the creation of a new digital currency market. According to CasSelle WAX could very well be the catalyst for cryptocurrency’s mainstream. This statement is mostly based on WAX’s use of blockchain technology to revolutionize the current cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency is still fresh enough that most are unsure of it. Its wide span problems with fraud and fragmentation have created major roadblocks in its quest for the mainstream. The costs of hiring intermediary security drive up market prices. The rampant spread of fraud also makes both centralized and decentralized markets too iffy for many to trust. Blockchain technology aptly fixes these problems with integrated software that safeguards users while cutting out the middleman.

Blockchains create smart lists to profile user data. Such profiles allow fraudulent users to be pinpointed, creating necessary security measures. As the tech uses cryptography in its software the need for outside help is non-existent.

Many praise the blockchain as the future of cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle, who has been dabbling in the virtual world since ’95, is so sure of it that he is jumping right into the deep end of the pool.CasSelle is a graduate of both MIT and Stanford where he graduate with complementary degrees in computer sciences. His first company NetNoir put him on the map, and since its founding he has gone on to do great things.

CasSelle was a top contributor to Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent, he worked in early payroll solutions, and was an early stage investor in Bitcoin. As the CIO of OPSkins he has aided the company in becoming a global power. WAX promises to do much more as blockchains are at the forefront of recent technology. The potential WAX demonstrates may be just what cryptocurrency needs to evolve to the next step.

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